Matched or Mismatched????

19 May

My room mate’s elder sister got married at the age of 17 against her family. At that time, she was the Higher Secondary student in Cotton College. She was in fact very brilliant and loaded of lots of extra curricular activities also. Her marriage was against their community and against their back ground also. Not only for those reasons, her family members did not support her only because of her instant decision which might destroy her merit also.

My room mate had seen the pathetic mental situation of her parents. Her sister really hurt her parents a lot…. My room mate could feel the pain of their heart and mind caused by her sister’s decision. Later on she felt the grievous situation of her sister also who realized her fault after quite a few days.

But once you got married means you are married….no matter at which age you tied the knot or which method you followed. Though we did the greatest mistake in our lives, still there are some people who will definitely forgive us erasing all the pains from our minds….they are none other than our parents. Her parents had also forgiven her and accepted her later on in support of starting her career again.

But my room mate undertook one bold decision not to follow the step of her sister which hurt her parents a lot years back. She often told me that whether she would find one person or not who could feel her sentiments which she had been carrying for long time. She was very much determined in choosing her life partner. She did not give priority to her friends more than to her studies. She was in fact very adamant to return back her parents’ lost pleasure and standing in the society. She got the success also by getting the number one position in her Institute and by getting married with that person who was also from the same community so that no body could say a single word to her parents.

But surprisingly, her husband was also carrying the same story in his life. It was about his elder brother whose marriage became quite controversial in terms of religion for which his whole family got harassed socially very badly. That’s why he was determined not to continue the same story line of his brother in his future.

I think my room mate was quite lucky in her way in tying the knot with such a person whose sentiments was also matched with her.

But some times we have to continue our lives with a total mismatched mentality also. We have also to deal with those for whom the words related to the struggling lives may not be there in their dictionary.

Few days back, my friend Dhanakshi told me how much she was missing her mother who passed away recently. She frankly admitted that before her mother’s loss, she could not feel such type of sentiments and emotions which might come to her life also. Personally I also admit that before my father’s expiry, I could not feel the absence of any body. I could not feel the sorrow and sentiments of some one related to their family member’s expiry.

These are simply some examples….there may be lots of issues which causes serious problems in some one’s life…but we can not feel them because we are not victimized. We have not experienced such type of situations which our friends may pass by. Emotions, sentiments, soreness and belief may differ person to person. They should not be categorized differently. Some incidents may be very light for us…but for some one else it might be the toughest situation in his life.

So try to understand other’s emotions also… matter whether you get experienced it or not. Respect them also who are still alive in your life….because once you lose some thing means really you have lost some thing.

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One response to “Matched or Mismatched????

  1. Lipi

    June 8, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Life teaches us a lot….. in so many ways…..I think it is all destined.


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