Be professional

15 May

When Sundays are got busy with the carpenters, then nothing could be said. Since we are busy in the week days, so we have to wait for the weekends. Here I am finding every thing very professional. If you have to do some thing at your house, you need not to worry about it. Just call them and order whatever you want within your budget, they will do it within their fixed date. Today the carpenters are working at our home….so my Sunday is going to be passed by within my bedroom only.

If you will pay appropriately for their labor, then they will not leave behind any point to complain against their works. I reminded one incident caused by the less payment at a Dhaba, nearby Nagaon, years back. I was traveling by one Night super from Guwahati to Sonari. I generally did not get down from the buses while traveling alone at nights. That day also, I preferred to sleep rather than to get down from the bus. The bus was stopped at some Dhaba for the dinner. Suddenly I heard some sounds which broke my sleep. I noticed some people were shouting regarding some matter. They were chasing one person who was running fast. But finally they caught him who tried to get in our bus. I was watching them from my window. They were about to hit the person, but ultimately the person surrendered and fell on their feet begging for his life.

I was so scared of the situation….but the situation got released very luckily. All the passengers of our bus asked the driver to leave that place immediately. They even asked him not to stop the bus at such a place where this type of incidents might happen in the mid night. We could not understand what might be the problem with the people. But our driver told us the actual fact of that incident. He even argued with us pointing the logic of the Dhaba people. According to him, the Dhaba people did the right job with the person who was not agreeing to pay the total price of his dinner. The Dhaba people were doing the hard work day and night…..they even did not complaint to serve the night super passengers. For them, every one was the customer whom they had to receive at any time…no matter whether it was day time or night time. Still if some people tried to leave the place without paying properly against their hard labor…in that case, he would definitely deserve to face such type of situations.

If we do not get proper treatment, we generally get ready all the time to complain it….but if the opposite party does not get proper value of their work, then what would be our expectation??? These people will be more professional if we people also try to be professional with them…..just think who will be benefited for that????

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