14 May

My mother was very short tempered…..her temper is still on. But now she is a little bit controlled. But previously it was really horrible for we people when she got angry. It was favorable for we people to be quiet at that time. But I personally noticed many situations which were being caused by her sudden anger only. Some time she was very tactfully used by our own family members to create such type of situations for which those people might be benefited. But she could not get the point. Later on, we realized that she was being excited for the whole setting and finally it was proved something contradictory.

Slowly she tried to be a bit cool learning lessons from her previous losses due to her straight away anger. But her anger is still there with her to some point. But now she is quite controlled. Now she often tells me to be quiet in some circumstances instead of getting angry abruptly. I also got many lessons because of my sudden anger.

Yesterday evening, while I was watching the TV program Akothya at News Live, I again realized what might be caused due to anger, what would be the advantageous by guiding a controlled cool minded personality. It was mainly set as a special episode in terms of the Congress Victory in Assam for the third term. The guest on the studio was the newly elected MLA Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma, Indian National Congress, newly elected another MLA Mr. Rokibul Hussain, Indian National Congress from Nagoan and the Intelligent Mr. Arun Goswami.

At the very beginning of the program, the Bureau of the channel Atonu Bhuyan explained the different reasons of the victory of the current Government for the third time. But he was so excited in his delivery that he himself made many self contradictory statements. He spoke in that way as if he was celebrating his own victory. I understood his point….his channel was blamed as a supporter of the current Government for which in yesterday’s program he claimed his channel to be a common people’s channel instead of Government channel.

But when Himanta biswa Sharma came to the studio, the whole atmosphere got changed. I am not a full fledged supporter of any Minister, no matter whether he is the Chief of the Ministry or some other in the Ministry. After the program, I simply judged Himanta Biswa Sharma as a common person. I judged his personality merely which impressed me to some extent. He seemed to be so cool that no one would get chance to excite him in any circumstances for any wrong motive. He himself admitted that he was being tortured mentally from the month of July, last year, but still he continued all his activities smoothly without any excitement or without any hassle. He admitted that not only he, his family was get tortured by the different sources. From my view point, he could carry on his daily routine smoothly only because of his cool and calm temperament for which he could handle all the circumstances very tactfully.

I am not supporting MLA Himanta Biswa Sharma, but I am always in the side of a cool personality of Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma.

At yesterday’s program, it was seen that Atonu Bhuyan was much more excited than Himanta Biswa Sharma. The program pointed out three VILLAINS in the Government opposition. Among them, I think the person who was named as the Villain of the opposition also suffered a lot from his sudden excitement, which we could see his several press meets, several speeches both in the front of media and the common people. I think his sudden anger caused him a lot……he might be used due to his anger which got rose abruptly without any observation.

Any way, yesterday, both the MLA was worried about the weak opposition party in their forth coming Government, because in a democratic country, opposition party leads a major role. But the Bureau of the channel promised boldly to play the opposition party role in the coming future.

I am saying why only News Live, we, the common people will play the major role as the opposition party for which they will think it thrice to do any scam or to think any wrong about us….now it is our turn to stand, not by them, but by ourselves….

What do you think?????


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4 responses to “Anger

  1. KUMUD

    May 15, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    I have read your Blog..And I do agree with your views to some extent…But You dont know the background of Mr. AB’s anger…Still I admit

  2. afzal

    May 17, 2011 at 5:25 am

    I do agree with Kumud that there must be something more in the background for Mr ABs anger. I also saw the program in TV that day and his reaction.
    Till that day I never saw NewsLive attacking directly DY365, where as DY365 never missed an opportunity to do the opposite. Whatever be the reason behind, but I absolutely agree about the three villains identified by Mr AB.

  3. thesis

    June 2, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Very relaxed site!


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