13 May

When I get achieved some thing, my mother always thanks me instead of congratulates me. According to her, whatever I do, it is done for her only. So she likes to thank me inspiring me to continue my hard work and to let her thank me again for my another achievement in future. This is her style to deal with me.

“Thank you”, “Sorry”, “Excuse me”…these are the words of etiquette, which give some impressions to the person. But without using these words, people may carry their good behavior also. My friend Mitul gave the lift man a tip of Rs. 100/- as he was the first person in his life who gave him a salute at every meeting, while we were in Assam Bhavan, Kolkata. My friend was impressed so highly at the lift man’s etiquette that he gave the 100 Rupees note without any hesitation years back considering that he might not get any salute from any one in his future.

But I got a big THANKS from my senior Aporna ba, which I considered to be the rarest THANKS in one’s life. She was learning driving at that time. She drove her car some times to the Institute for her practice. One day, she gave me a lift to the Institute…but while getting down from her car, I thanked her for the lift. But to my great surprise, she thanked me in return for getting in her car without any fear. She thanked me for my faith in her driving for which she was rejected by most of the people of our Institute. Slowly she started losing her confidence in driving since no body got ready to accompany her while she was driving. That day, she became so confident that she thanked me in return for returning her lost confidence.

Today, though the counting is still in process, I thank the people of Assam for choosing the same Government for the 3rd term. I said it before also that I am not in a support of any political party. But I am fully supporting the system in which a little bit development can be expected. In the first term of any Ministry, every political party thinks for themselves first….they starts establishing their foundation prominently instead of other projects’ foundations. In the last part of their Ministry, they get realized that they did not get enough time to think for the public. Meanwhile, the next election arrives. If they win for the second term also, they decide to think a little bit for the public this time. So they plan some thing to develop the society and accordingly they started laying the foundation stones to complete the projects in their term. In planing and arranging the projects, the second term also gets ended. The third election comes very shortly for them. In their second term, they simply starts something developed ideas for the common people. If they win the third term also, then the planned projects and half done projects will get the chances to get completed.

But in between, if some other political party would win, then they will again repeat the same routine…for which we, the common people have to suffer for another term extra. So I support the system to continue the same Political party to run the Government continuously instead of different Political parties to form the Ministry. It is said that every body would become Ravan while going to Lanka. So let the Ravans do some job for the development, let them think for the society.

Corruption is in the nib of the system, not in persons. To remove the corruption, we have to find out the reasons of corruptions. No matter which Political party forms the Government.

What is your opinion????

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