My experiences in Nabagiri Hostel

12 May

Yesterday I was at Gulmohor, the one and only one restaurant in the IIT, Bombay campus. That’s why it became very rush on the lunch time. If we do not go early then we have to wait for a long time for our turn or have to share some other’s table. Yesterday, since I was alone, so I had to adjust with two IIT professors. They shared the same table with me, but different menu. In their discussion, they were talking about some results of their children. It seemed that one of the Professors was not satisfied for his child’s result. He himself admitted that that was because of the fast growing popularity of the Internet, Mobile and TV. He blamed himself for his un necessary fulfillment of those stuffs to their children.

I can not say any thing in terms of those items’ impact on today’s young generation. I can not blame all the young generation for being used those unacceptably, because it is some one’s personal matter to decide what they want. I even don’t want to generalize all of them for the misuses of those electronics goods. We should judge the things from both the side, without doing partiality by taking one side.

I know some parents who himself go to the bank and request very sadly to the Bank Manager asking for a loan to give his son a Bike. He requests in such a way that if he would not give him a Bike then he can not imagine what might be the situation created at his house. The Bank Manager finally agrees to sanction a loan against his land property.

Why the young generation grows in this way….it is a big question.

We can not find a single parent who does not allow his child a mobile phone or a Bike or some thing else which his child requires. I personally know one person who was very much exceptional in this way. He was not the guardian to them, but the hostel owner of that particular girls’ hostel. It is Nabagiri Girls’ Hostel, Chenikuthi, Nabagraha Hill side, Uzan Bazar, Guwhati: 781003. The owner is Indrajit Baruah….who was famous for his strict rules he made for his hostel boarders.

Among the rules, the most important rule for which he became famous in his area and his hostel got stuck for the boarders, was the Mobile phone prohibition. At any circumstances, his hostel boarders were not allowed to use mobile phones. In that hostel, he has given all the sufficient facilities which should be given to the boarders. He in fact allotted video cameras also at different places in which he could see the activities of the hostel boarders….that was in the corridors, in the kitchen, in the visiting room, in the TV room and at the entrance.

But still we met some boarders who cheated this strict hostel supervisor. In all the rooms, there was no plug in point. It is logical…if plug in points were there then the boarders would use it to its highest level…from ironing cloths to the mobile charging. So he removed the entire plug in points from the hostel rooms or building where it was left unknowingly. But still one point got left at one room of our floor… was done by the intelligent boarder of that particular room. She dealt with the electrician personally who left the point tactfully in her room in return of a heavy amount. The point was kept hidden so decoratively and tactfully that the owner would never know about it.

Later on we got surprised to see the brave girl of that room who was not scared of a strict owner. She might be rusticated from the hostel also. That particular plug in point was used for the mobile charging and ironing the cloths. We became speech less when we came to know that most of the boarders used the mobile phones silently and most of them got caught also by him.

Still he was adamant in his decision for not allowing the mobile phones… per his logic, he said that those boarders were always welcome to his hostel whose financial situation never allowed them to take a mobile phone. If 99% percent people used mobile, then the 1 % percent would come to stay peacefully at his hostel. His hostel was meant for them only.

I personally appreciated his rules which most of the boarders protested at that time. I suggested that hostel to those who came first to a city from a simple back ground.

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One response to “My experiences in Nabagiri Hostel

  1. Indrajit Baruah

    June 27, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    But in due course of time it seems that, that 1% of students have gradually disappeared & I have been forced by circumstances to allow the boarders to use cell phones as most parents think that its the best way to remain in contact with their children not knowing that only 5% of the purpose is being served.


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