11 May

I have some phobias….I am very much scared of many things. My mother said that at my childhood, I was afraid of the crows which I still remember to some extent. I started crying when my mother started the sewing machine. I did not know why its sound created a horrible situation for me which made me cry finally.

My mother was quite surprised to see my friendships and good terms with the male persons later on, since I was scared of any male persons at my childhood except my father. Those were my phobias at my childhood.

When I grew up older, my phobias also got changed to its way. Slowly I forgot the phobias of my childhood, but on the contrary new phobias started creating in my mind. I think most of the people; mostly the girls are frightened of darkness and ghost. But from the time of my recollection, I got frightened of neither the darkness nor the animals, but for the thieves. In accordance with my logic, dacoits came to some one’s house straight forward and demanded the properties in the front showing their weapons. But the thieves’ activities are opposite to them, for which I am very much scared of them. They will wait for their chance peeping from behind the curtains or from some where else.

That situation would have been the most horrible situation for me if I could see the thief behind the curtain who would be smiling at me!!!!!!

I can not imagine a situation if I notice a thief taking away our stuffs silently at the dark. I am damn sure that instead of catching him red handed, I would rather sleep ignoring his activities. Thief phobia is still in my mind. I am still afraid of the thieves though it sounds a bit funny. In one Assamese cinema, there was a very funny incident happened with the thieves who were waiting for the whole night for their job, but could not get the chance due to the boy who was studying whole night for his exam. At the early morning, the thieves scolded the boy for his night long study which he did not do in other day. There are lots of funny incidents due to the thieves, lots of tricks of the thieves, lots of accidents for the thieves…..but I am really scared of them.

Like the other children, I was also scared of the Ghosts. But when my father expired, every body told us to be very careful because our father’s soul might be roaming here and there. His soul might disturb them whom he loved most. But I was waiting for his soul; I wanted to meet his soul to ask some questions, to clear some of my concepts. But I could not find him any where. Later on we got informed that his soul disturbed our uncles’ house, but he did not come for a while to us. He might be with us but not with the intension to harm us, which we could feel only.

Any way, when I went to Pune, my cousin took me to a very big shopping mall where the horror show was played. I did not experience such type of shows before, so I was quite excited in entering the room where the show would be done. Frankly speaking, I could not imagine what might be the situation we would face inside the room. We were not allowed to enter the room in a group. So my cousin and I had to enter alone. There were different rooms inside the hall where every room had different atmosphere, atmosphere meant horror atmosphere.

I was getting so scared of that that I did not open my eyes for a minute. I simply walked throughout the rooms holding my cousin’s shoulder. But the Ghosts were very intelligent. They made me bound to open my eyes by touching slightly my hand, making sounds in my ears. But I could not see the ghosts. I was so scared that I asked my cousin to quit the place. But the ghosts did not allow us to leave the place. In fact they made much more horrible atmosphere than before. We got lost inside the rooms. We could not find the Exit door. That was almost a half an hour act. But finally one ghost showed us the Exit door and we got relieved from that situation.

That was the ultimate show I have ever watched in my life…a real Ghost show. The ghosts might also found us very funny who got scared at a totally artificial atmosphere.

I never suggest any of my friends to experience such type of show who are very much scared of GHOSTS.


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2 responses to “Phobia

  1. Vasundhara Singh

    December 14, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    2am, 15dec,2011
    Stuti I completely understand ur situation… I am also one of ur kind… I face Scelerophobia, I fear thieves…. while studying at night, sometimes I feel someone just walked over my roof.. my home is next to our local stadium… and my room is having a real huge window opening into the stadium.. I freaks the hell out of me if I sense something fishy outside or near it… and most often, its just the monkeys that create all the fuss at night… they reside on the mango trees of the stadium… but right now when m writing this, circumstances are more than just unusual… my phobia has caught me… I can sense someone near the window, some sounds, disturbances…. I have lost all my sleep… and yes you were absolutely right in saying that you would rather pretend to sleep than try to get him red- handed…. I would do the same 😀 😀 except if he touches my phone or laptop 😀
    and this was my first experience writing a blog, so tell me if I did horrible at it 🙂 and plz do pray that me n my parents wake up safely in the morning along with my phone and laptop 😀


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