Looking to London, Talking to Tokyo

10 May

We often got puzzled when our DG sir asked us some questions, while we were in Cotton College. We were not confused for his questions, but for the situation to whom the question was thrown. Because he asked some one and got answered by some one else in the class room from the opposite corner. He was a squinter….in medical terms, his eyes were caused Ophthalmology: a condition of the eye consisting in non coincidence of the optic axes. An oblique reference or inclination affected with strabismus. More appropriately, in my simplest language, he was looking to London but talking to Tokyo. That’s why we, the students often got puzzled when he asked questions. We could not get exactly whom he was asking the question. Blindly, some body stood up to answer his questions, but every time the answer was from a wrong person.

We tried a lot to catch his eyes…..but got failed every time. One day my friend created a very funny situation. Sir generally kept his classes after the class ending time. But when his class was before the tiffin break, then it became very irritating for we people. That day, he continued his class after the bell got rung. We got generally 45 minutes break in the whole day class schedule. So he already took 10 minutes of our break. Still we did not find any symptoms to finish the class. The whole class got irritating very terribly. In simple language, we got roasted by his lectures. My friend could not control himself. When DG sir taught that Theorem looking at our friends sitting at opposite corner, my friend told some thing very un fair for the boring lectures within his mouth.

But unfortunately, DG sir taught that theorem looking at my friend only. When sir got the hint, he immediately left the class. That was really an incident due to his cross eyes.

This is really an puzzled situation for the people when they have to talk to a squinter….my friend was also a cross eyed, but we could get to whom he was looking, because his right eye had the correct vision. His left eye had some axis problem, so when we talked to him, we looked at his right eye only for which he also felt comfortable with us.

We should not point out the physical disabilities of any person. But still this squinted eyes got importance in my blog, because I feel myself also slightly cross eyed person. May be you people can not get it because of my spectacles, but still I feel some times that people are getting problems in connecting with my eyes. I am not confident about it, but still I feel that I am looking to Delhi but talking to Agra!!!!

What is your experience????

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One response to “Looking to London, Talking to Tokyo

  1. stuti ranjeet konwar

    May 10, 2011 at 7:20 am

    hoi ne??


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