Do you recognize me???

09 May

I often get many friend requests in my facebook account. Though most of the people are unknown to me, still I try to recognize them. Because some people may be erased from my mind after passing my life in several places. I have met lots of people among whom some people might be forgotten. It is obvious; we can not remember all whom we met in different phases of our lives.

But still I try to recognize them. They might be in a good relation with me, but now I forgot them…I judge the things that way. Some times we forgot the names, but we recognized the face or vice versa. But when we pretend to forget some body, then it is impossible to get recognized them, because to wake up one person is easy when he is really asleep…but it is the toughest job to wake up some one who is pretending to be asleep.

Any way, my friend forgot his aunt (father’s sister) because he was doing his research works in Bio Technology. He seemed to be so busy that he did not participate in any of the social events organized at our Institute. He never joined any picnic party, never attended any get together of the research scholars. He was very busy with his research works….he worked in that way as if he would be the next Nobel laureate in his field.

One day, he was waiting at one bus stop. Suddenly one lady came to him greeting him very nicely. But my friend could not recognize her. After few minutes he got her , but wrongly. He recognized her to be his aunt (mother’s sister), but actually she was the sister of his father, not mother. That day, the lady got so embarrassed with his behavior that she left the place without saying a single word. Later on he apologized for his behavior excusing his research works for which he forgot his own aunt.

That was really heights of his research works….whatever we are doing, if we forget our own blood or very near and dear ones, then every thing we are doing; is really very worthless. If we really forget them due to our busy schedule, then we are sick for our works and we should be sent to proper psychiatrist for proper treatment.

We are really sorry for you my friend for which you bear in mind your research only…..Re Search actually.


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2 responses to “Do you recognize me???

  1. Smritimala

    May 9, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Anekua condition hoatkoi research nokorai bhal…..


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