Extremely busy….

08 May

My friend always replies me that he is extremely busy whenever I meet him. He is a research scholar in Chemical Science division in IIT, Bombay. Now a days, I can assume his answer when he is asked “How are you??”. So I try to ask him some thing different for which his replies may not be “extremely busy”.

This is a common word which we, most of the people use in our daily life. Some times things seem to be esteemed or some thing else if we can show that we are extremely busy for which we have no time to attend our phone calls, no time to reply some missed calls or some messages…..we have no office leave to attend some functions or to meet our family members. The whole busy system becomes some type of fashion or some thing like that to be followed by.

When I first came to IIT, Bombay to approach one Professor to accept my project under him, I was very much worried about the situation I might face with a very busy IIT Professor. I might not be even permitted to meet him. I simply landed at IIT campus after going through the profiles of those Professors who were from my field. I did not contact him before that. I left it totally on my luck taking some other Professor as stand by mode if he would reject me.

Professor Inder Kumar Rana is one of the senior most Professors in the Department of Mathematics. To meet such a high profiled person, definitely I got tensed. I thought that I might not be allowed to meet him at my first landing in IIT, Bombay. But surprisingly, he called me. After listening to my whole chapter, he promised me to let me know regarding the taking up of my project under him. He told me that he had to go through my project proposal and my Biodata which was very less weighted in front of him. But still he guided me to approach some other Professor which might be working exclusively in my field. He suggested one Professor at Mumbai University also, whose working field might be matched with me, as per his knowledge.

Prof. I. K. Rana

When I told him since I was new in Mumbai, I did not know how to reach Mumbai University, to my great surprise, he sketched out the route map to Mumbai University from IIT, Bombay campus and also the route map to the residence of that Professor, if she was not available at University. That time I got impressed by him and assured to let him know about my decision. But finally when I got the OK from him, I did not think it twice to transfer my project to IIT, Bombay. That day was my day when I got the reply from him.

Now I feel quite blessed to work with such a high profiled person who is himself very busy in his way. He did not hesitate to spend his one hour with an unknown person like me. That day, I felt ashamed of myself for my so called busy schedule for which I could not manage my time to spend with my family members or with my friends or could not spend some time extra with my hobbies. Still today, I do not have any complaint against my Sir for his busy schedule. He never left pending my any job. He himself returns me his self signed application at my Lab, he himself calls me back when he found my missed calls at his phone, he himself wishes me for the New year, he himself sends the recommendation letters regarding my workshops, conferences etc etc.

I met one Emeritus Professor from Indiana University, USA at Allahabad conference. He was like the God Father of our field. He is Professor Madan Lal Puri. I first approached him to click one snap with him. Because that snap meant a lot for me. That was the beginning…he started asking me about my position in the research field. Slowly, in the whole conference, he became friendly with us. He even asked me to send the photographs I clicked with him. We also took the chances to be with him, because his blessings would make our life beyond our imagination. But still we had the doubt about his mail reply. We could not imagine how much he would be a busy person.

with Prof. Madan Lal Puri

Still I sent him one email attaching the photograph. Just after one hour, I got his reply which really blessed me. I did not expect one email reply from Prof. Madan Lal Puri, that was really a dream for me. To my great surprise, he even gave me his mobile numbers, land line numbers of both of his residence and office, his residence address, the route map of his residence from the airport asking me to meet him and ask him for his help whenever I visit his place. That day also, I felt very ashamed of my busy schedule for which I left many people to complain about it.

I guess I am not only the person whom they reply… is their habit to manage their schedule and to get touched with the world. They know how to enjoy the life in the midst of the busy life and how to get connected with the people also. I found many high profiled people who never showed their busyness in front of any one, who never make you disappointed while you are asking some help from him.

Busyness differs person to person. My sister is very busy with her kid throughout the day without thinking of herself. Besides one appointed cook and one servant, she can not manage her time to think of herself for a while. She keeps herself busy for the whole day for which she even can not talk to the people. It is her busy schedule after being a complete house wife.

If we are passing our life in our work loads only, then it is our misfortune for not being enjoyed our life. It is our choice to decide what we want…..a complete busy life or an enjoyable life in the midst of the busy schedule.

Are we really busy?????


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2 responses to “Extremely busy….

  1. Kumud

    May 8, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Very serious..


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