Wrong number

06 May

I forgot exactly where I have read this story. It is about a house wife whose husband was an employee of a Multi National company. She had nothing to complain against him for the life she was carrying on….the ultimate enjoyment of the city life, the quality time in her shopping, watching movies, freak outs, friends’ get together etc etc….her husband did not leave a single scope of complaint for the total enjoyment of her life. He gave her the sufficient money for her requirements. Initially she enjoyed her life in a quality way. But slowly she found every thing to be very faded without her husband. She found the shopping quite boring when her husband could not give her the company. Finally she kept her self in her room, feeling every thing dull and compromising.

One day, she leisurely dialed the telephone….she did not know any number with whom she could talk. But suddenly her finger really created one telephone number and when it got rang, she had nothing to talk with that person. The person cut the line saying it as wrong number……that was obvious. In this world, no body had enough time to talk with a wrong numbered person.

But the next day also, she dialed the same number without her knowledge. But this time, that wrong person responded her. He got some clue of that wrong woman who dialed his office number twice. He started talking with her and ultimately that made a sweet friendship between them which showed the lady a bit hope to survive.

When I read this story of a busy city, I could not understand the problem of a lonely lady. I could not get the logic behind some one’s lonely ness for which she was bound to make a friendship with a wrong numbered person. Frankly speaking, I never got the chances to be at home without any work. I could not understand the meaning of a house wife, because my mother was also a working lady. I thought that house wives might be a bit happy than the working lady, because they have sufficient time to spend their time at home, sufficient time to decorate their home, sufficient time to cook for the family…which my mother could not do due to her job. She was not in a mood to prepare the stuffs happily after passing through a day long hectic schedule, which I noticed in my cousins’ luck. Since my aunt was a house wife, so they did not face the absence of their mother after school which we faced daily at home. That time, we really felt sorry and tried to compromise with our fortune. I simply remind the ill face of my mother while I was at my lower primary school age. Because my mother got the chances to be at home when she was down with ill ness.

But still my working mother’s family and my house wife aunt’s family grew up parallely. Now we can not say that our family became a bit backward than aunt’s family. We can not complain my mother for anything which she did not do for us. My mother completed her service life maintaining the required status along with the family also, whereas my aunt is still busy in preparing the foods or other house hold jobs. My aunt’s life has passed only by doing the house hold jobs….nothing else. Now I ask my mother to take rest for some time and to enjoy the life in her own way. Whatever she wants, she has the full freedom for them, because she did not pass the life by only doing the house hold jobs.

I got my life’s lesson from my mother and I learnt that our life is not meant for passing through it leisurely. Life is precious….so make your life with some extra color….do some thing extra in your life for which in the last days of your life you will be happy to see behind your own life for your achievements. We should decorate our lives for ourselves only, for our own satisfaction. If your extra jobs help the society, then it will be more beneficial for you in the later days of your life.

In the last few days, I was on leave for 12 days. I took the leave to spend some time at home in my own way. I was very busy in doing all the house hold jobs throughout my leave…..but still at the end, I had to admit that I could not spend my time at home leisurely. Honestly, I got irritating in passing my times at home. Actually I tried to make a habit to stay alone, since my Woman Scientist fellowship will be continued upto March’2012 only. After that, if I would not get another chance to do my post doct., then what to do???

I am a bit tense over it……I need very urgently another engagement of my choice….because I can not be a house wife any more.

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