What are you…fat or thin???

05 May

In Mumbai, there is an open road side restaurant called Bade Miya,Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba. It is behind the Hotel Taj Mahal, church gate. But you will be surprised to see the rush over there. It is opened in nights, since the restaurant is on the street. But it gets more rush as the nights get more late. The rush is not a surprised thing over there, but the most amazing view is the people who take their dinner on the roof of their Mercedes Benz or inside it. This is only because of the excellent foods for which it draws attention to those people also who come here to take their dinner driving their Mercedes Benz. I like the attitude of those people, who never think it to be a less prestige job in taking their foods in a road side Restaurant.

Bade Miya

Bade Miya

This is the culture in most of the metro cities or the big cities which are already developed from all side. But this sort of scenes is rare in the developing cities, especially at the capital of my home land where the new trend of fashion is growing very fast. I can bet for the loss of such type of restaurant like Bade Miya in Guwahati, where every thing is newly developed or some thing is still on the way to its development. People are very much crazy about the air conditioned restaurants rather than to the open restaurants like Bade Miya. People prefer to park their branded cars in front of fat restaurants or Shopping Malls rather than to park them in some where else where things might be better or cheaper.

I personally know some people who feel hesitated to travel by city buses or rickshaws for their so called prestige. They like to drive their cars for the shortest distances which can be done by walking or some other way. That is their prestige which they want to show every where. Recently, I attended one marriage ceremony with my sister in Guwahati. I became surprised when my brother-in-law started his big car for the ceremony which was held just few meters away from their residence. I did not understand what might be the reason to drive the car for that least distance in which he might not get the proper parking place. After dropping us, he parked the car far away from the reception venue from where he walked more distance than their residence.

This is the culture I often notice at my home place, where people like to show some thing extra. While those people came to know that we travel every day by train, they got a bit puzzled about our status. According to them, we are traveling daily by train means we are not in a position to take a car or some thing else, which makes me feeling funny for them.

I feel quite sorry for them for their concept of a fat person or a thin person. Here in Mumbai, the richest person may travel by trains to hide his status….travelling by public vehicles does not mean that you are a thin person.

While my cousin was in abroad, they noticed most of the people cycling on the road to their offices after parking their cars at some public parking place. Those cycle rider might be the millionaire or billionaire in their way. But they used that vehicle in which they felt comfortable…nothing to be showed any one, nothing to be placed as the status, nothing to be focused as the prestige.

Few years back, I went to a designer’s boutique in Guwahati, which I often noticed on the bank of the Dighali Pukhuri, named as The Dawn. I was accompanied by my two friends who were more fashionable and up to date in their way. But while we entered the stall, the sales man (perhaps he might be the owner) treated us as if we were the dacoits entered to snatch away all the stuffs of that stall. I got so angry that I asked my friends to step away from it. But my friends got angry more than me, they decided to buy some thing from that sales man, no matter what might be the price. But surprisingly the sales man did not allow them to touch any of the dress materials hanged over there. He asked them straight about their range of purchasing and after that he showed them some very few dresses maintaining a distance. That was the ultimate day for us. We felt neglected for their behavior. I thought that they might give importance to the fat customers. But later on, we came to know that their behavior was same for all the customers as their pieces were designers’ pieces.

Same scenario was also in Meghna’s…..the famous so called fashion designer Meghna Rai Medhi’s boutique, in Uzan Bazar. The sales girls did not even receive the customers properly. I could not understand for whom their dresses were designed. Perhaps they got such type of customers who preferred to buy a designer’s piece rather than to buy any stuffs from others at the same rate or may be a bit cheaper than them. May be for that culture, they also have to maintain their own so called status or prestige.

I really get irritating for those who are running after their status or prestige to do some thing openly, in a common manner at a common atmosphere.

life in Guwahati

life in Guwahati


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3 responses to “What are you…fat or thin???

  1. Smritimala

    May 6, 2011 at 8:02 am

    Bhal lagil……….

  2. Dimple Dutta

    July 16, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Good and u r right


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