Operation Rhino Vs UMPHA

03 May

Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan yesterday…..the most wanted Terrorist of today’s date. This is indeed honoured to be the major event for the Americans to fight against terrorism. This news has occupied all the TV channels throughout the day and perhaps it will be continued following the same routine in the coming few days also. DY365 arranged one discussion desk to discuss about the matter of the death of Laden. At that desk, the invitees were asked about the different circumstances of Obama’s death along with its future impact to the society as well as to the terrorism. They answered quite boldly about him, the world’s most wanted terrorist, who was dead at that time. If they could have also discussed the current terrorism matters of our home land!!!!

At my childhood, we often heard one word….operation Bajrang. That time we could not understand the exact meaning of it, could not get the exact reason of our cousin brothers silent stay at home. Those days were the black days for the young generation, they could not go outside, could not go out at the emergency also, could not argue with any Govt. officials and could not even stay properly at home, because every time they carried an unknown fear for the Military force who might come at any time without any notice.

Those were the days of President’s rule in Assam…the days of the Indian Military force. I still remember my mother kept all the valuable stuffs and documents in one bag and kept it at the most safe place of our home where no body could doubt about it. But fortunately, we people got escaped from that military checking in our home. We did not get the chance to face the military force, for which we almost kept ourselves ready for the bitter experiences we might face for them. Because it was known to all that to protest against them was equivalent to call the danger to our lives. But we really felt sorry for our cousin brothers who stayed at their house for several months without any work.

But my uncle’s family got victimized by the so called Military checking. Their house got separated by a corridor. It was the noon time when a big force came to their house….at that time my aunt and grand mother was over there. They allowed them to check their house but they were with them separately. The Military force did not do any destructive activity with my grand mother, they even returned the bag where the jewellery was kept. But at the other part, the same people took away all the cash just in front of my aunt.

I guessed that was the common scenario of most of the families in those days. In the rural areas, it became more dangerous than ours. Those families were more in secure with their daughters along with their sons. Lots of accidents were caused due to their daughters, lots of news were published about the rape cases in the rural areas by the Military force, lots of picketings came out, lots of protest programmes were organized against them…..still things were slowly got erased from every body’s mind. People started forgetting those things who were not victimized.

Operation Bajrang was ended….next it came the operation Rhino. That time also, things were again followed as routine works. Again the same Military harassment got started. But this time, we got a bit tensed for our father one day. He was busy at that time for the UMPHA puja, the principal deities of the Ahom Pantheon. It is arranged once in 12 years. In Umpha worship ( Swargadeo Puja), Lengdon, the principal deity of the Ahoms is given importance. At that time, it was arranged in Amlokhi Deoshal, Lakwa, Sivasagar. My father was busy in collecting the fund from different donors of all over the Upper Assam.

One night, on his returning way to home, he was stopped by the Military force. It was already almost 11 pm, very late for the common people at that situation. My father was alone on his Bajaj Super Scooter. He did not notice the Military force in the dark. Actually he could not get them with their deep green coloured uniform in the dark. When he seemed to ignore their first signal, he became a bit suspected by them. They stopped him by whistling many times. When my father was checked, they found all the documents and receipt books of Umpha puja….which was quite similar with the word Ulfa….the most wanted word at that time. My father was asked many questions, but he politely requested them to take him to their Senior officer. Accordingly they took him to their BOSS, who was quite educated and honest for his job. My father showed him every thing and explained the importance of an Umpha Puja. The Military officer got very impressed by my father’s words and knowledge. Ultimately, he was given a grand reception by the officer offering him the dinner. He was accompanied also by a force to our home, which created a doubt in my mother’s mind to be victimized later on. But fortunately from that day onwards, he was neither checked twice nor our family got harassed by them.

Though we were not victimized any more at that crucial time of the black period of Assam’s history, still we could feel the terrific losses of many families due to the Military harassment. I simply pray to God to remove the term terrorism from our society also so that we can also enjoy bravely like the Americans after the death of Osama.

Could we expect the day to be very close to us???

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One response to “Operation Rhino Vs UMPHA

  1. Lipi

    May 4, 2011 at 7:20 am

    Stuti your narrative is getting better and better. Maybe ur vocabulary will also increase. Ur grammar is still weak (that is understandable) but if u ever wish to publish you can always get them edited.


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