Black Ticket

02 May

This weekend, we watched the movie Dum Maro Dum… was a one time watched movie for me. In Mumbai theaters, I liked the system of National Anthem singing, about which I have already written in my previous blog. We generally watch the night shows and that’s why we find almost an empty theater inside, which could not be imagined at that time when I was in college.

Almost 12 years back, it could not be imagined an empty and peaceful theater in Guwahati. I still remember those days when we went to the cinema halls before 3 hours of the exact time of the movie. Then only we could stand properly in the front of the queue which became unexpectedly long later on. People used to stand for the next show also who did not get the tickets for that show for which they came 3 hours before the starting of that show. Just imagine to watch a two and a half hour movie, people waited at the ticket counters for another 5-6 hours.

That time, it was the daily routine of the cinema halls. On the Sundays and the Holi days, today’s generation can not imagine the scenario of the cinema halls which we faced on every show. If we some how got the tickets, then our next tension was to enter the hall safely. That’s why we generally preferred to watch the movie in a group of friends so that we could enter the hall together without any disturbances. But still we had to be conscious on people’s attack on our body, those people who entered the hall with that dangerous intensions.

After passing through those obstacles, finally we got our seats. Upto that time the movie had already got started for which we missed more than 15 minutes of that movie. I still remember, when we got the seat to watch the Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Rani Mukherjee had already passed away and the college story of Kajol and Shahrukh got started. Later on we had to ask the starting part of the movie to know actually what happened to Rani!!!!

The common scenario of those days’ cinema halls were created by a group of blackers. They were the permanent type employees of those halls. We faced the terrific atmospheres also created by them on the queue.

But one day, we also blacked our remaining tickets in that situation. That was the time of “Josh”, the movie starring Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. We planned to watch the movie in a group of 10 members. There were 8 girls and 2 boys. We the girls were from the same hostel, so we went together. But the two boys had to come from Beltola to the Anuradha cinema hall, Chandmari. But unfortunately their bike got damaged on the way. So they could not arrive on time. So what to do with the tickets which we took for them. Josh was a very hit movie at that time in Guwahati. We noticed people searching for the black tickets. Finally we decided to black our remaining tickets. Believe me we blacked them at such a high price which covered the whole amount of our total tickets. I personally noticed people got a bit surprised to see such type of well dressed blackers like us!!!!

Those were the days whose memories still knocked my mind at some circumstances. Inside the theater when we were waiting for the starting of Dum Maro Dum, we noticed one couple had changed their seats to one empty corner. Their seats were just infront of us. So when they changed their place to that corner, I staterd peeping on them. My husband asked me to leave them at their comfortable situation which they found in that corner. If they were at my college time, then they could have neither watched the movie nor utilized their corner place properly for which they changed their seats.

At one show, there was such type of couple who sat just in front of my senior. But from the very beginning of the movie, their heads were attached to each other and there was no chance of separation from their side. My senior got disturbed very badly due to their attached heads. She could not watch the screen properly because of their smooched lips. She got the ultimate irritation when she was about to miss the climax scene of that movie. Finally she touched the two heads and separated them asking the love making scenes in some where else. That was the ultimate scene people watched lively inside the cinema hall. After that they got so badly scolded by all the people for their affection which was being showed publicly.

When I told this incident to my husband he could not but stop laughing. He was very astonished to know such type of incidents also which we faced at our teen ages.

But those were the days, which were really enjoyable and a bit enthusistic also. I doubt todays’ college students get the same enjoyment or not, because todays’ cinema culture became some thing extra. I have the doubt on the atmosphere of the queues of the ticket counters, the atmospheres inside the cinema hall and more interestingly on the live love making scenes inside the halls.

Some times I really miss those days…..


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2 responses to “Black Ticket

  1. Smritimala

    May 2, 2011 at 6:19 am

    Toi je blacker asili gomei poa nasilu….Nice story….


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