It is excuted on Earth only….

27 Apr

My senior went to meet the girl for the first time….this is one type of marriage custom to see the girl first at home and then fix the marriage. Most of the Indian families maintain this custom where the love marriage concept is not there. Arrange marriages get arranged this way. In this custom, the family from the groom side gets the ultimate reception. The bride’s family never leaves anything behind to impress the groom. But still this can not confirm the marriage…that is dependent solely on the groom’s family.

Anyway my senior went to meet the girl. He was accompanied by his friend, not by his family. They got the ultimate reception there. But still my senior could not be impressed by the girl. He cancelled the marriage. When he decided to inform that family about it, his friend asked him whether he would mind if he would take that step. My senior said that he had no problem if his friend would take that decision and that would be good for that family also. My senior got impressed with his friend’s decision.

Finally his friend decided to marry that girl and there was no problem from any body’s side. Every thing was going very smoothly. My senior also helped him for that marriage. But at the reception, when my senior saw the bride for the second time, some thing happened to him. That day he found her to be very beautiful and charming and slowly the regret ness of his rejection grew up. He started regretting about his foolish decision. His well defined fortune went to his friend’s hand….ultimately he decided not to be accompanied any of his bachelor friends to visit some one’s place for the marriage purposes. From that day onwards, he started to visit those places with his family, not with his eligible bachelor friends!!!!

But this incident is quite different at some other place…..they both got impressed to each other at their friend’s marriage reception. The girl was very beautiful and attractive. They had also declared their decision to their family members who were also present out there. The decision was almost final…there’s only to follow the customs. Custom means the groom’s family would visit the bride’s residence. But when they visited them, they found it quite different from what they had seen about the girl at that reception. The girl’s beauty was simply an outer beauty, not the inner one. They found their home so improper and dirty that they could not expect their daughter in law from that living standard. It is not necessary to become rich for a standard and proper living style…it is simply some one’s own standard which is focused through their living style. The groom’s family found the ultimate nature of that girl who preferred to be stylish in her body only, not her personality.

Ultimately that marriage got cancelled….it was cancelled by the groom himself who was once impressed by that girl.

These are the common picture in our society. Some one may consider them as a very useless matter…..but for some one’s this matters a lot. We can not blame any one. People’s expectations become changed with the passing time…but still there are some customs alive which we must follow every time.

Looking at these customs, my mother got quite tensed about my marriage, since our residence is not very up to date. It’s simply an Assam type home, but with a cultured atmosphere. It got damaged also due to its old construction. My mother always worried about it since today’s class of grooms prefers an up to date residence also along with the bride…..her concept was like that as she had been noticing many incidents in front of her. Her tension was obvious which could not be removed by any one.

But I got such a guy as my husband who did not even visit his would be in-laws residence before marriage. He could not manage the time to visit his in-laws and more than that he did not find it necessary to visit it himself after his parent’s visit. So he finalized the marriage after meeting me in Guwahati. That was the ultimate thing he did for me. He visited our home for the first time just after our marriage. My mother her self surprised to find such type of son-in-law who removed her tension within seconds.

Really, marriages are arranged in Heaven, it is simply executed on Earth only.


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3 responses to “It is excuted on Earth only….

  1. Kamal

    April 28, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    So, your marriage was arranged in Heaven ?

    • stuti ranjeet konwar

      April 29, 2011 at 4:28 am

      not only my marriage…every one’s marriage is arranged in heaven…your’s too

  2. Smritimala

    April 29, 2011 at 8:00 am

    That’s indeed true Stuti….I do feel so….


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