26 Apr

My cousin is very flirt…flirt means he can deal with many girls at a time, no matter where he is, where the girls from and what his profession is. He deals in a business, but in between his hectic schedule he knows how to enjoy his life. I never categorized his activities; in fact to some extent I liked his performances in handling the unknown circumstances.

My room mate’s boy friend was also one kind of flirt. That time he came to meet her after 2 years, quite a long time for both of them. In fact they would meet for the first time after their relation grew up, since she got the proposal from him over phone. She was very much excited to meet him after a long gap… was obvious. I could understand her emotion. In those days, the only topic discussed in our room was about her boy friend…what he liked, how she would react at the first sight, what she would wear on the those days, where they would go etc etc. I gave my full support leaving my studies on those days…it was only because of her true emotions and care for her boy friend.

Finally he arrived…they went out for date. When they returned, she asked me to get introduced with him. Since it was a bit irritating for me to get introduced with some one’s boy friend, initially I refused. But when she told me that it was his interest to get introduced with his girl friend’s room mate, I could not step back only for her prestige. I met him for the first time….but my view point got a little bit changed at the first sight. I did not find anything similar about which she said me for a long time. I thought she might not get him properly, since I found him some thing different from her nature.

I did not want to interfere their relation…that was totally her personal business. The only thing I had to maintain a good relation with my senior room mate. But surprisingly, when the next day, her boy friend asked me to go outside with them, I felt sorry for her. I refused his proposal.

That night, very lately I got a call at our floor’s intercom. Since our intercoms were getting busy with the flying time to its mid night, obviously I got shocked to get my call at the intercom. When I received it, it was none other than my room mate’s boy friend. Still I politely received him and handed over the phone to my room mate.

Slowly I got irritating for his activities and by the time the news was also spreaded all over the hostel and the campus. Some of my friends suggested me to leave them where they were whereas some of them scolded me to involve in some other’s love story. But I was not intentionally involved with them. Finally I decided to go out side that circle. Still in those days, I got another call at the security gate of our hostel. Since I did not get any phone calls at that time, I did not go there to receive it. My room mate went to receive it…it was again her boy friend who very shockingly asked her to call me forcefully, because he was in a mood to talk with me, not with her. That hurt my room mate very badly. She tolerated the things which were going on those days.

I simply prayed to God to bring his departure date quickly. Finally that day arrived. At the previous day, they went for their last outing. Every body was expecting a big gift from her boy friend since they met after so many months. She returned back to the hostel with a big gift packet. Her friends surrounded her at the hostel gate to open that gift. But she announced it very sadly that it was for her room mate, not for her. That day was the ultimate day for me. I could neither say any thing against her boy friend which might hurt her feelings nor accept that stupid gift from him. She opened the packet…it was a very beautiful pelican shaped table lamp. I could not say anything that night. We even did not discuss any thing.

After several days later, I got a registered letter from Delhi. I could not imagine who might be there in Delhi, because at that time, I did not know any body in Delhi. I opened the letter. It was again him with some of his photo graphs. I tore that letter without her knowledge.

After their semester, they left the hostel. At our departure, I simply wished her a happy and safe life. After that, I did not get any information about her, whether they got married or not. But still I remember her sacred feeling to her boy friend that she loved blindly.

Today, I can only pray for her, wherever she is, with whoever she is, may God bless her.

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  1. Smritimala

    April 27, 2011 at 6:01 am

    quite sensible story…………


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