My salute to him…

23 Apr

At Guwahati Panbazar area, there were many people who kept singing for their survival without any hesitation. They even did not care for the surroundings or for the different comments they might get at that time. It was their bound situation for which they had to leave their every thing. When people did not slow down their steps and did not even give a single coin to them, that atmosphere became more pathetic than their poverty. Still they were continuously singing in their own way without any grief. The only grief they might have been with the so called GOD about whom they heard to be some where in and around.

Almost maximum of them were blind….they have lost their complete eye sight for different reasons, at different ages. I forgot exactly where we often noticed one blind person in Guwahati Pan bazaar or Fancy bazaar area whose flute playing attracted many people at that time and interestingly some poems were also created for his flute. It was the incident when I was at Cotton College. At my college life, lots of poems were written about Pan bazzar, Handique college, Maha maya tea stall and many more. Those days were the refreshing and newly enjoyed days at my teen age. Most of us became one type of crazy for those poems along with the poets also. That time, we often dreamt of high dreams….so many hopes, so many plans and so on.

I still remember one of my seniors told us that time that it was equivalent to fell in love with some one at Cotton College and to plant one Coconut tree at some rent house….ultimately every thing went gone. Those days were simply to recollect for some times and to laugh at ourselves for the ultimate foolish crazy ness at the teen ages.

Still I remember some of the sweet memories of my college life. That time we could not feel much for those people for whom the life became one type of challenge….could not feel the actual meaning of struggle until and unless I faced the obstacles in my personal life. But I could not share my sentiments with any one, because when it was my turn, I found no one in this world whom I could believe to some extent.

Anyway, some days back, when I was leisurely changing the channels, I had to stop at New Live. That time, it telecasted its repeat episode of Mur Gaan Mur Praan….a program by Zubeen Garg, my all time favorite Assamese singer. Though different people have different comments on Zubeen for his controversial activities in most of the stage programs, still I am a big Fan of him. I simply judge his works, not his personal life. I simply judge his songs, his social activities, not his image which is carried by most of the Assamese people. For me, Zubeen’s works are always deserving for appreciation and enthusiasm.

Mur Gaan Mur Praan focuses that type of works through which Zubeen steps forward to do some thing for the society. It was an amazing feeling when in that episode Zubeen invited a group of blind singers who have been struggling for their survival. Zubeen himself listened to their pathetic story which they have been carrying for long time. but there was no body to hear their voice, though they became the permanent road artist at the different platforms of Guwahati and nearby the areas. They are always accompanied by one’s mother who came out to help them for their survival.

Zubeen was informed about them by a group of students. He instantly agreed to bring them at the show through which they might get a platform for the rest of their life. That program was really a heart touching program for me. Instead of shouting against some one, instead of taking revenge with some one by disclosing the corrupted personal properties, instead of delivering heavy lectures at the public places, instead of calling the unnecessary press meets with no strong views…we should have to start thinking about the rising society, where some people goes higher and higher and whereas some people’s life becomes the curse of themselves.

I honestly salute Zubeen for his steps for the general people of Assam.


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4 responses to “My salute to him…

  1. smritimala

    April 24, 2011 at 5:33 am

    Zubeen is taking a great step…..thanks for sharing your feelings Stuti…..

  2. afzal

    April 25, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    I missed the program. I’m waiting for its repeat telecast.

    • stuti ranjeet konwar

      April 26, 2011 at 4:51 am

      mur gaan mur praan is telecasted on every sunday at 10 pm on dy365, not news live…a mistake..the repeat telecast of that each episode is next to its wednesday, at 1 pm….here zubeen himself also sings his few numbers daily.

  3. Priyanka

    November 16, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    Zubeen Garg and Assamese Media never seems to be get along well


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