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23 Apr

I have a weak eye sight…there fore I can not spend a single moment without my spectacles. Those who are my friends for many years, must take my specs as the sign of identity….I believe so. So far I remember, I started to take my specs from my school ages. The first sign my parents caught about my weak eye sight was that I preferred to watch TV from the minimum distance. I could not see the picture clearly, nor could read the letters properly on the screen. First of all, I was getting scolded for sitting at the nearest of the TV. If I could not watch the picture clearly, I had to sit at that place. Slowly, I got realized that I could not see the words at the black board while I sat at the last bench of the class room. When I was at the first bench, it was OK, but due to the rotation, we had to sit at the last benches also following the rotation rule. That day seemed to be the worst day of my schools days, because I had to ask my friends frequently what was written on the black board or I had to look at their copies to write the class notes.

Slowly that became very irritating for me….but my parents were not so much conscious about it. They thought that due to my TV habit, I faced some problems. But they never thought that due to my weak eye sight, I had to watch the TV from that minimum distance. Finally we decided to go to the eye specialist. When he told us that my eyes were weak from many years and now it became the severe problem, severe means I had already lost my eye sight to some extent, then my parents got realized. The doctor gave us many examples of negligences without judging the actual things. My parents never judged that why I preferred to watch the TV from that distance.

From that day onward, I started to take my high powered spectacles. I did not feel hesitate to take them, though from that day, I got some nick names as Sasma, Sasmish, double battery etc etc. When I came to Guwahati, there I saw many friends whose eye sights were weaker than me. They in fact could not see any thing without the spects. Interestingly, they were categorized to be the most brilliant students. That day I thought that spects were nothing but some fashion also.

At hostels, I noticed some students wore their heavy spects at night but they went out for classes without them. I could not understand what might be the reason for which they could go out without their spects. Later on the contact lens concept was found by me. I was so surprised to see the contact lenses which was nothing but a simple thin plastic type paper which could be attached at the eye ball. I found it quite impressive. Parallely, I discovered many beautiful friends who were always carrying two faces…one was that beautiful and charming face without any spects and another was with that horrible heavy spects which they wore just inside the room only.

Later on, I also decided to take the contact lens….it was only because I was very much fond of designable branded sun glasses. Accordingly, I also put the contact lenses on my eye balls. That was an amazing feeling, simply putting the thick lens on your eye ball, you could see the whole world without any hesitation. Nothing could be noticed on your eyes, it remained as it was. First few days, I enjoyed a lot with my contact lenses and sun glasses. But slowly I started finding the disadvantages of the contact lenses.

Contact lenses should be kept in a particular liquid….Renu Solution was the only company at that time to produce that liquid. If the lenses are not properly placed then you will feel the itching at every moment. But you can not itch your eyes, because of that lens. If you do that, the chances of removing the lenses will be very high, for which you have to again put the lenses properly with the help of that liquid. That means wherever you are going, you have to carry the liquid bottle with you. Also when your are in that lenses, you can not even cry, because with your tears, the lenses may come out…you can not seat at the window side of any vehicle, because the heavy wind may take away your lenses……lots of problems….lots of problems I faced with my contact lenses. Later on I again took my favorite spectacles, though it was very odd looking, still I felt comfortable with that.

I knew many interesting incidents created due to the contact lenses. My friend was very beautiful and charming. People generally took a look over her when she passed by. But her eye sight was very weak. Still no body knew about her eye sight because of that contact lenses she wore every time. She got married also. But she betrayed her husband by not telling about her eye sight. She removed her contact lenses quietly and secretly and went to the bed after her husband and put them again before her husband woke up. That was maintained very care fully every day. But after several months, she was caught by her husband who came home suddenly from office to give her a big surprise. But ultimately her husband himself got surprised seeing his beautiful wife with that heavy spects. Contact lens was used that way by my friend.

Another incident was with my junior who was in the interview board of a college. The board members were sitting at a round table taking her at the middle position. She was just under a ceiling fan. The whole atmosphere was very serious….she was asked several questions regarding her lecturer post. But suddenly, some cement mixture from that old ceiling fan fallen down on her. That incident was totally unexpected for every one presented out there. She started shouting to give some water as she was wearing the contact lenses. The old persons of that interview board could not understand the term CONTACT LENS. They could not decide what to do to as she started scolding them for not giving her the water quickly. After some minutes she was taken outside the room to do the necessary jobs for her contact lenses. That became very funny later on and the interview board members first made it clear whether the candidate was in that so called contact lens or not !!!!!

Really whoever discovered the concept of contact lens…he might not imagine the situations created due to them….whether it is funny or serious.

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  1. Stephanie

    June 15, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Enjoyable read- thank you!


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