Mustard seeds

22 Apr

I never judged it as the in born talent….though our whole family is involved with it. Actually my father did it to some extent…he tried to work out sketching some master pieces and did some works with colors also. With that atmosphere, we generally earned the habit to play with paper, pencils and colors. That was the beginning. My father himself arranged an art school at our home. Later on, he took the initiative to establish the Kala Niketon at our home town with a very few people who came in support of him. At the initial stage, Kala Niketan faced different crisis…it might be the financial, might be the place, it might be the proper teachers. But Kala Niketan ran on its way overcoming all the obstacles it faced at that time. Just like the other social forums, Kala Niketan also suffered from conspiracy. But slowly, with the help of local people, Kala Niketan got a farm position. Still it has miles to go….which is my dream to establish one Art school with a strong pillar.

At my childhood, we participated in different art competitions…some of which was in local areas and some of in the State level. We were a very strong group at that time….of different ages. We participated almost all the competitions and got awarded also. It was one type of fun for all of us to attend different Celebrations….from the Gandhi Jayanti to the Republic day.

At the spot art competitions, the subjects were announced at the spot also. There was no scope of practicing the subject at home…whatever we had to draw, it was at the spot itself, which definitely reflected our talents. At that time, the most famous subject was…whatever you like. That was one of the easiest subject for all of us…we could draw whatever we liked. But among us, one friend found it the most difficult. He could not decide what he would draw at that time. Since the time was running….he had to manage some thing on the art paper, because he could neither withdraw the competition nor return the blank art paper. Finally he returned the art paper with some small dots. When the invigilator asked him what was that…he simply replied that those were nothing but some MUSTARD SEEDS.

Some other day, the subject was “a natural scenery with two deers”. That was really a tough subject for all of us…because drawing a deer at the spot was not an easy job within some fixed time. But we had to manage some how….some of us sketched it very nicely. But one friend managed the whole scenery with his brain. He sketched one tree and behind that tree he sketched the back side of those deers who was eating the grass together. The face of the deer was difficult for him…but not the back side. He sketched it so tactfully that no body could charge him for not drawing properly the subject matter. His deers kept their faces behind the tree for which he could see only the back side of them!!!!!

Those were the ultimate days of my life. After my schooling, though I learnt some thing on oil paintings…but I could not get enough time to invest some of my time on my actual Hobby. When I came to Cotton college, there I invested some time on it, in fact I got awarded on the first art competition I participated just after two three months of my admission. That time, the subject was “time”…but it was not a spot art competition. We sent our pieces to the committee and they sent them to some art expert. Later on I got informed that that time our judge was none other the famous writer, poet and art critic Nilomoni Phukan. I was so thrilled at my achievement that I kept my habit in those three years. My paintings were there at every art exhibition at our college, including the Centenary celebration also. But after my graduation…it slowly came down. I could not manage my time to invest it on my hobby. After my graduation there was a very few pieces of my drawings came out from my pencil and brush.

Painting makes me relax….so I decide to continue my hobby only to get relaxed of myself.

My painting which I did in 1998

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