Bandor Kekura

21 Apr

I guessed 99% people had walked out from their residence to celebrate India’s World Cup victory. It is obvious….the excitement of all the Indians went on to the top. My junior also went out from the hostel to celebrate it with her friends. It is the IIT, Bombay campus, where there is nothing to be worried about. That’s why my junior went out to chill out with her friends. They went to the open play ground after taking the ice cream from the nearest ice cream parlour of it. They could not imagine the situation they faced at the play ground. It was so dark that you could not see some thing just a single meter away from you. They thought that it might not be safe to enter into a dark field at the mid night…after all their group was only of girls. But when they decided to return back, suddenly one of them got fell down touching some one’s feet. Then they got realized that the whole play ground was crowded by the couples of IITians. They even shocked to notice some of their friends at some controversial situation in some controversial out fits.

There are no in time and no out time for IITians. There are even no restrictions for a male visitor in entering the girls’ hostels upto 10 pm. I have a room in the girls’ hostel, taking it at a stand by position to rest whenever I feel uncomfortable. Initially I took rest also, after my lunch or when I reached IIT a bit early. But when I found the male visitors of my room mates in my room frequently, I decided not to go to my room. Since, I am not so much up to date having an open mind to share the room with an unknown male visitor or to share the same bed with some one unknown. But it is the daily routine of the hostels. Later on, if there comes some urgency, I have to ask my room mates whether the room is free or not. I don’t understand what might be the topic which they have to discuss it in a closed single bed hostel room.

There might be some thing more urgent which they can not discuss in a big campus like IIT, at a natural environment inside the campus…since for me, IIT campus is the best campus I have ever seen in my life…it is really a campus with all the facilities. You need not to go even out side the Gate….every thing is just at your hand.

I got the chance to spend my time in a campus while I was in University. But my university hostels were quite restricted for the male visitors. But outside the hostel, we found the same type of environment….it was said that in our university, if some body was already engaged, then the engagement got cancelled or if some body was free, then he/she would definitely fall in love with some one….it might be the class mate, might be the junior or might be the faculty member. The environment compels people to do so. 50 % of them got separated just after getting the certificate. But there were still some couples who could not be judged with others….it will be my fault to judge all of them in the same category.

But we must admit some of the couple for their unfair activities, which was found guilty in a university campus. At our time, the main short cut link road of the girls’ and boys hostel was named as Cheni Ali….it was meant for the couples….they might be sister-brother, might be the best of the best friends, might be simple class mates discussing about the class notes or might be true lover. But it was Cheni Ali, as a sign of different love. At our time, the road was dark, since there were no street lights. Couples preferred to spend some quality time on those pools of that road. It was comfortable for some couples those came some days before the semester got started, since most of the students came on the previous day of the semester beginning.

But interestingly, some one put some Bandor Kekura leaves (the leaves which create horrible itching after getting touched of it) on those pools. As usual, some couples also arrived some days before the semester beginning. Accordingly they used the pools of the Cheni Ali for spending their quality time. But due to the Bandor Kekure, they got affected very badly. They suffered for that horrible itching for several days.

Mean while all the students arrived and they found those love birds with the terrible signs due to the itching. From that onwards, the love birds changed the place. They shifted it to the core part of the jungle. Whoever did that mischief that was the highest mischief I have ever found in my life.

But that was simply one type of fun…nothing to be taken literally. Slowly things became usual and people started forgetting every thing due to the hectic schedule of our university life.

That was life…which we can not get now. Whatever we can do is to remind those incidents we passed away. Just like the IIT students….in the midst of their busy schedule they manage some how some quality time to spend with their near and dear ones. After the campus life, they may not get that scope to talk with their friends also.

So let them enjoy their life in their way….

NB. Sorry to all my victimized freinds due to that Bandor Kekura.


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3 responses to “Bandor Kekura

  1. stuti ranjeet konwar

    April 23, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    update janibole jabo lagibo TU…tetiyahe blog likhibole natun topic pam

  2. Jeet Saikia

    July 23, 2011 at 11:23 am

    I think tat one was “Surat Paat” in Assamese. Bandor kekura is different.


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