20 Apr

My mother was quite confused about my stay in Mumbai. Some times I got tired in explaining her about our home, the location, the train journey, the food habit etc etc…..but still she seemed to be not satisfied. She could not get the proper idea exactly at what condition her son-in-law was keeping her daughter after marriage.

Finally she decided to visit our place. After her arrival at our home, she got relaxed. She got satisfied at our living standard, but quite tensed about our life style…life style means the way we are keeping our lives alive. I guess this is a tensed situation for most of our parents who stay at our home land. They can not assume the busy schedule we are following every day…the least moment we are spending together….one time meal we are taking together peacefully…late entry in almost every day of our life.

But here, this is life….especially in Mumbai. Mumbai never sleeps…we people have to travel in the crowded locals in the mid nights also. But my parents got confused about my management in staying alone while my husband is on tour.

She had a big question of security. She often heard about the incidents with girls in cities….especially in Delhi. For girls, Delhi is not safe…it is said every where, every news channels, every news papers. Mumbai is ruled by the big underworld DONs…she heard about this city in this way at her place. So she always asked me not to go alone in the nights, whatever be the urgency…..try to arrive at home in the day time so on. Her tension got the peak point when I had to attend some conference at my husband’s absence. Whatever she had the ideas about the railway platforms was not smooth…whether it is local train or express train. But I have to manage most of the journeys alone…since I attend my conferences alone.

At her returning journey to Assam, I accompanied her. But unfortunately,that time also, my husband was in Japan . So we had to manage the journey alone. My mother got a bit tensed about it, how we managed to go to the airport in the early morning with lots of luggages. I booked one MERU…the reliable cab services in the city life. We started our journey at 4 am to catch our morning flight.

In the whole journey, I assured my mother that in city life, it is quite comfortable to travel alone rather than in small towns. Frankly speaking, I got harassed in catching my morning flights in Guwahati itself. I had to book one taxi or auto to the airport in double fare which was also uncertain in the early mornings and not even safe for a girl at that time. Since there is no cab services in Guwahati, where you can just dial 44 22 44 22 (MERU) or 43 43 43 43 (EASY CAB) and cabs will be available at your door step at the exact time of your call. They will take you where you want to be in that amount of money showed in the meter. This is really good and safe for the people, especially for we people who traveled frequently and who finds the city life a bit complex. I am quite comfortable with their services and therefore wherever I have to go alone, my husband first find out that whether these services are available in that cities or not. If yes then he gets himself a bit relaxed like my mother.

More interestingly, now it is the time for the ladies. Now the services are arranged only for ladies…it is the SHE…which is ran by ladies, accompanied by ladies and driven by ladies. This is in fact more comfortable for the ladies who finds MERU or EASYCABS uncomfortable.

Nothing to be worried about….if still you face some problems then it is your luck which you carry all around with you….no matter where you are.


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6 responses to “She…..

  1. ricky

    April 20, 2011 at 6:25 am

    Nice to hear from you your experiences.

    • stuti ranjeet konwar

      April 20, 2011 at 7:42 am

      thnks rickey ba…hope u also got my points regarding my previous blog abt akhil gogoi.

  2. mohittater

    April 21, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    there are always two kinds of people, those who like Mumbai better and those who like Delhi better.
    Was nice reading your views Stuti

  3. mohittater

    April 22, 2011 at 6:56 am

    I just reviewd Maximum City- By Suketu Mehta on my blog. You might wanna check it out at


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