19 Apr

Salt is a very dangerous thing…dangerous means neither it can be avoided nor can be taken so much. It has both good and bad side…for some purpose salt is necessary and for some thing else it is very dangerous.

So far my knowledge is concerned, if it is mixed with the sand, then it shall lose its total fertility. In fact, it is seen in the rural areas that if you want to revenge your enemy, then just through some salt over their field on which their cultivation is dependent. This scenario is common in most of the movies and serials based on the rural life.

In Mumbai, our resident is a bit far away from the city life. We have to pass through two bridges over the sea and some open fields also. In Mumbai, March, April and May….the weather is very hot in these three months. I landed in the month of May. So while I was passing through these open fields, I noticed some white dunes standing near by the fields which were also white in color. I could not guess the exact reason of a white field near by the sea side. Several days passed away…every day I noticed the same scenario. People were busy irrigating water on those fields while some were busy in collecting some thing from those dunes.

Finally my husband have cleared me the concept…it was nothing but the salt cultivation which is done in every summer. Here summer means in those three months. From the month of June, it is started raining and the weather gets cool down.

Salt Cultivation!!!! Though it is quite odd to be heard, but it is done in Mumbai. On those open fields, by irrigating water from the sea, salt is produced. Those people I have seen collected the salt from those dunes. I simply saluted them for their appreciable works. Here the fields are not left away any more….if these fields are not of use, then why don’t we use them for salt cultivation.

I have seen quite a few places all over India; in fact I have crossed by quite a few rural areas. In most of the rural areas, I have seen the fields are used for different cultivations. It is not meant that the cultivation means the rice cultivation only. That may be sugar cane, banana, mango, wheat, flowers and so on.

If we people would have also followed up the same process at our own land!!!!!

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