I was threatened…

18 Apr

Whatever I have written in my blogs, most of them are real incidents….not most of them, I can say confidently that all the blogs are true and real incidents. I was involved in most of the incidents; in fact I was the sole witness in some of the incidents also. But those are my personal feelings which I shared with you people through my blogs. Honestly speaking, I used to avoid in mentioning the names of those people whose incidents are a bit controversial. Whatever I have written, nothing is polished…every thing is straight forward.

Still, people can recognize the incidents which was happened in their life. Due to my open and talkative nature, I have a very big friend circle all around…of different ages, from different places, from different professions. More over, I have good relations with some of my foreigner friends also whom I met at different conferences and my experiences with those people can also be shared.

But every thing is totally personal feelings.

I did not get any complaint from any of the characters of my blogs. But one blog affected one character suddenly. That was written very tactfully without mentioning any body’s name. In fact that incident was totally observed by me only. But very unexpectedly, I got threatened by that character. Even I was not sure whether that person was involved in that incident or not. When I got the threatening from him, I was sure about that incident. He proved the incident to be true by himself.

He threatened me to disclose my personal life which he knew to some extent. I was not afraid of him. I did not hesitate any more to write any thing about me in my blogs. In fact I have already written most of my personal incidents which I did not share with any body before. There is nothing to be hidden about my personal life…I am an open book which can be read by any body easily.

And regarding my husband, no body can touch one thing in my life…that is our relation.

Still I thought to give up my writings…I though that if my blogs affected some body’s life…then I should quit my writing habit. But my husband told me if people stepped backward due to one threatening they got, then the word Journalism or the great writers would not be created any more. If I am threatened by some one due to my blogs that is meant that my blogs can be judged to some extent.

This is true that we can not satisfy the whole universe….


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2 responses to “I was threatened…

  1. Rashmi Rekha Saikia

    April 21, 2011 at 6:36 am

    its very nice to read your experiences..dont stop writing


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