Can’t be imagined…

17 Apr

Yesterday, on the 16th April’2011, while Dipen Rajkonwar, General Secretary, The Assam Association, Mumbai, said that there was a very un expected incident going on right at that time and it was nothing but the huge crowd from the Southern part of Mumbai, who were enjoying Bihu celebration with the fullest enthusiasm and “Josh”, which could not be imagined any how before that event. I also got surprised to see that crowd in Mumbai…I even did not expect that huge Assamese gathering coming only to participate in the Bihu function. I have heard about the grand Bihu program in Delhi and Banglore, where most of the students and IT professionals fly from Assam. But in Mumbai, there is a very least number of students coming from my home land excepts those in IIT, Bombay. But yesterday, I found myself wrong regarding the concept of the Assamese people in Mumbai and quite happy to see that gathering. We enjoyed a lot, while the Husari was on the stage and the enjoyment got its peak point when Abhigyan Das, one of the good participants of Zee TV SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs, was singing the Bihu songs.

I found it quite amazing and impressive when our Pallavi ba said that they were engaged in performing the Husari on the very Bihu day at all the Assamese families’ residence in their location. It was really appreciable that they maintained the Assamese culture authentically in a city like Mumbai, whereas in Assam, Husari became the most professional in their way. Most of the people have lost the chances to watch a live Husari at home which is infact one of the most important Bihu customs.

In the rural area, Husari likes to be engaged in Towns where they will get enough money and in Town area, they like to be engaged in the fat residence where they are invited professionally. That’s why the common people get the chance to watch their very own Husari on the stages only of any Bihu function. Tradition is running in that way…this is the unfair truth of the present scenario of Assamese culture.

At my home town, our next door is a very rich person… rich means he is a Govt employee in the Administration department and a strong worker of the Congress party. In the Bihu season, we, the neighbours, got harassed for the non stop and the huge number of Husaris performing continuously one by one. In our lane, we are almost 20 permanent residents and lots of families in the rent houses. But among them, only that particular resident gets the chances every year to watch the Husari live since he gives huge amount of rupees as the token of love in return of the blessings. One day, we invited the most famous Husari team of our locality to perform at our home. But surprisingly, they charged a huge amount of rupees along with a grand dinner, which was fixed before their performance.

This is the common scenario of our Bihu in all parts of Assam. Today’s Husari likes to perform in the different Bihu competitions rather than to perform in different residents who are waiting for a Husari to got blessed for the whole year. It is said that Husari’s blessing is very important in the coming life of an Assamese family. Previously, the Husari came out to perform at each and every resident of their locality and did not charge any thing in return of their precious blessings. Whatever they got as the token of love, on the last day of Bihu they all arranged a grand dinner together, celebrating openly at the field. Slowly this system got professionalized and now people look forward to income some thing using their custom.

This is the time to take our Bihu to its originality…this is the time to take Bihu personally, not professionally…this is the time to step forward to keep our very own Bihu alive…no matter where you are, what is your profession.


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2 responses to “Can’t be imagined…

  1. Rashmi Rekha Saikia

    April 21, 2011 at 6:57 am

    this is very much true and even in my place also same thing happens and only the so called rich people can enjoy live husari.
    bihu is in our soul.. no matter where we are.. so we can enjoy bihu everywhere


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