The originality….

16 Apr

We celebrated the Bohag Bihu in Mumbai….celebrated means tried to celebrate it at the level best. I tried to follow up all the customs of a Bihu only to keep them alive in our newly started life. Accordingly I prepared a few types of Pitha and Laddu (traditional dishes), but could not make the Til Pitha due to the dry weather in Mumbai. In Assam, the weather is a bit cool and pleasant and so the recipes are also maintained that way. Though we were trying to enjoy it fullest, still I was missing the actual scenario of Bihu at my home place. This is the first time I am away from my family members. I really missed the fried Amlori tup (one type of ants which build is found in between the mango leaves) with eggs, the fried leta (the cocoon of silk or muga), the smoked pork, chicken with Handoh guri (one type of rice powder), different types of Jolpan ( Assamese break fast), Dahi made from buffalo milk, Kon Bilahi (small tomato), 101 types of different herbs and so on…..

My senior, from my home town, is here in Mumbai for her husband’s cancer treatment in the Prince Ali Khan Hospital, Majgaon, Mumbai Central. We visited them once just after their arrival. On the Bihu, we went there again to wish them a good treatment and a good result in the coming Assamese New Year. We were satisfied to see their bright and delightful faces after taking the Bihu Pitha and Laddu in that very day, in a city like Mumbai. I personally felt the success for my hard work in preparing those items.

This time, Bihu was really meant for me. On my returning way, my mobile got ringing, it was my mother’s number. She told me that she was preparing the Nahor leaves on which I generally wrote while I was at home….Debo Debo Maha Debo, Nila Griho Jata Dhara……..

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