What an idea Sirji….

15 Apr

In Mumbai, Hiranandani is such a place where you will forget that you are in Mumbai. Mumbai means a life of fast running, crowded and polluted city with the local trains and the Best buses. But in Hiranandani, I find the people maintaining so ubercool life style that in the midst of them, I find myself to be the most awkward and out dated person. May be they also find me that way. But I like Hiranandani, I like to walk on its foot paths staring at the shopping malls and especially the high fashioned girls roaming over there.


Some other view of Hiranandani

Yesterday, I went to New Abra ka Dabra, 76 Galleria to purchase one Photon+ connection. From there we planned to purchase one kurta from fabindia which I heard to be in Hiranandani. Accordingly, we collected the address of fabindia…it is in Trance Ocean House, ground floor, unit no.G2, Hiranandani Busi Powai. I did not understand exactly what this Busi term meant. We felt better to ask the people of my Photon+ about the exact location of fabindia. They told it at the front building of Dmart, that is Ventura. Accordingly we went there, but there was no fabindia show room. I called at the fabindia number and they guided us the exact location. It is in B G India, near by the powai lake and a bit far away from Dmart.

Ultimately, we found fabindia. I find fabindia kurats a bit cool than the other brands. I purchased one kurat of cost 630 for my daily office use. In the mean time, we became hungry. Initially we planned to take something in KFC. But since one restaurant was there at the next door of fabindia, we decided to take some thing over there. It was cafe Mangii. I did not imagine it to be visited by the high fliers. That time, my wallet carried only Rs. 200/- or Rs. 300/-. But when we entered the restaurant we decided to order some thing. But interestingly I did not understand exactly what were in the menu. I found the language a bit different from English….ZUPPA meant soup and so on.

Ultimately I asked the waiter to give something light. He offered us the starter menu and suggested us to take some thing in chicken. He showed us two or three items in chicken and explained the recipe also. I ordered that item which was the cheapest among them and which I could pronounce properly…it was Chicken Blanco and the price was 380 per plate, the cheapest in the starter menu. The waiter again asked anything in mock tail or juice….Ohhh my God….Again we had to order Juice. This time I asked my junior to select the cheapest juice from the menu. He asked some plain juice in Guava. The waiter left us with a surprised look. Perhaps we were the odd one odd in that restaurant he had ever met in his life.

After few minutes, every thing arrived at our table. I asked my junior to finish all the foods quickly and to leave that restaurant at the earliest. The starter was very good. There was some pepper flavor along with some cheesy taste. But we were not in the mood to enjoy the taste; we had to leave the restaurant finishing quickly whatever we had ordered. Finally I asked the waiter the bill who came to us for the main course. The waiter brought the bill with a very un easy look. It was 680 all total. I paid it quickly and left the place promising myself to check my wallet before entering any restaurant with the exact idea about it.

To purchase one kurta in 630, I spent 680 extra…..what an idea Sirji.

cafe Mangii, Powai

fabindia show room, Powai


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2 responses to “What an idea Sirji….

  1. Dhanakshi Buragohain Phukan

    April 17, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Really …what an in idea Majani??

  2. Manoj

    May 8, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Hey, good one, maybe u should read our website, to avoid such surprises.


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