How could we believe Akhil Gogoi???

12 Apr

My mother attended one marriage ceremony recently. The bridegroom was a strong activist of a student union. The marriage was so expensive that every body was surprised to see such type of fat marriage of a student. He was a student and side by side he established one business also!!! If you ask them what is the business they are running, they can not answer it particularly.

I also personally know that boy, in fact we studied together at school level. But now, we are quite surprised to see their life style in a most luxurious home with several luxury cars. They don’t require to pay at the petrol pumps, they don’t require to book the bus tickets for long journeys. In fact people are requesting them to do some favor for them.

From where they have got the power???

From where they have got the money???

A simple student union activist can not be a paid employee…if it is paid, then their activities are not social service. If we want to know their collection procedure, just go the non Assamese business men who have been suffering for long years in the name of Bihu, in the name of Puja or some other programmes. Perhaps for those business men, BIHU comes as the demon’s festival!!!

Just to remove the corruption, just to remove the capitalism, people elected one student leader as the Chief of Assam years back. But later on, when he got the total power and money for the good cause of the general people, he first thought the good cause of himself and now he became one of the most corrupted person in Assam.

I am not in the support of any political party. If we can point out the current Government to be a corrupted Government, then we can not say that the new Government will be a corruption free Government. In fact the new Government will be more corrupted than the current Government, because they are eagerly waiting for the power and money for the last 10 years. Witness should not be produced to any one, the whole community, the whole system is the witness itself for this BITTER TRUTH of the present status of Assam’s politics. Similarly, people lost the faith in the activists who have been fighting in support of an independent region for the last several years. How the originality of their motto became shaky later on, you can find it in Changlott Fanla by Parag Kumar Das.

If we are expecting some thing beneficial for our own cause from whatever we are doing for the sake of the common people, then it is not a social service. It is our planning to get the profit in our personal life in the coming future. If we are hungry, then we will definitely run after the money which will come easily from many sources. Social service is a social service when activist can contribute to that organisation instead of their personal benefit.

I was not very much aware of Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti. I knew the least ideas about it. But yesterday, when I got the link, I have gone through an interview of Akhil Gogoi where he mentioned every thing in detail. Whatever I had the doubt, I got it. From the very first day, I have the doubt that why Akhil Gogoi is concerned only on the corrupted Political leader of the current Government, especially some particular Minister. To establish a corruption free society, corruption should be removed from every where, not only from the Ministry. Why Akhil Gogoi did not produce the illegal and corrupted property list of other dignified officials and personalities…why his main target is always Congress????

His organisation is a non Government organization or non Congress organization???

Many of your workers are heard to be salaried. A protest forum needs plenty of funds. Could you tell us how and from where you collect” the funds?”

In a mass organisation the source of fund does to a large extent determine the nature of it. The main source of our fund is the people. We collect an annual fee of five rupees from our members. Last year we admitted about five hundred thousand members. This year we expect it to double. The second source of the fund is productive activity. We generate plenty of revenue through cooperative fishery. This year in Tengani we cultivated mustard in 150 bigha fallow land collectively and generated revenue. Some more we did by fishery in 170 bigha land. The third source of our fund is collection of levy from earning people. Fourth source is voluntary contribution. But we have a constitutional restriction that we do not accept a large contribution from a single individual. The main method for contribution collection is through mass collection. Fifth source is contribution from sympathetic trade unions.

We can claim that we have not deviated from the principle of pro-people funding. We do not want to tarnish the nature of our movement. Therefore we naturally do not take recourse to the easy ways of fund collection. There are self-imposed restrictions on us for accepting contribution from rural development, public distribution system and other such departments. We are promise-bound not to bow down before politicians, bureaucrats and big capital.

Now, it is our turn to decide whether Akhil Gogoi could be believed or not.


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7 responses to “How could we believe Akhil Gogoi???

  1. ricky

    April 18, 2011 at 9:22 am

    I am not clear from your writing that what do you think about Akhil Gogoi and his KMSS?

    • stuti ranjeet konwar

      April 18, 2011 at 9:33 am

      My concept about Akhil Gogoi and his KMSS is quite clear after reading his interviews and several writings….he is indeed a strong activist…but I am quite confused to believe him due to the previous activities of some same type of social activists…that is what I am writing in my blog

  2. afzalhussain

    April 18, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Kudos to you Stuti. It needs guts to write something like this and I’m really proud of you for this.

  3. sajad

    June 24, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    we r wid akhil …….but u should nt harm da genral people ,……………………u should burn goverment car,building,………………….


    June 27, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    dear firnds……akhil is not an anti-congress personality. but he is a person giving his time for agitations and activities related to poor people…and just thnk if he wish he can live a better luxurius life then we all….so its very simple…..he is a hero…and if the cause is genuine we must support it….instead of poiting out negative points…bcoz no man is perfect in this world….the cause must be perfect…….jai hind


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