Priyo bandhu…Ekti Nichok Prem Er Galpo

11 Apr

I forgot the names of the hero and heroine of this Shruti Natak….but I can still feel the sacred emotions of two school friends.

They studied together at the same school in Kolkata. The girl was from a very well to do family, but she loved the friendship of that boy who seemed to be very unhappy with his family back ground. Their friendship started with the quarrels for the tiffins. But when they passed out their school leaving examination, the girl’s father got transferred to New Delhi. From that day onwards, the girl started writing letters to her Kolkata friend about her daily life in Delhi, mentioning every thing, from her cigarette smoking at Jantar Mantar to that boy she had the new crush over him. Their true and sacred friendship continued in this way. The Kolkata friend meanwhile completed his education and he started his career in music afterwards. But in that time he had to over come the struggles of his life…..that struggle which came to him personally, politically, socially and many more.

Mean while the girl’s father fixed her marriage with a Business man in Mumbai. She had to get married with that person, because till date moment, life was not so difficult for her, though the letters from Kolkata friend slowly became less in numbers.

But after her marriage, she felt the actual meaning of her life. She could not adjust herself in a concrete life in Mumbai. She could not adjust the fast and furious life in Mumbai, where there was no poetry, there was no river, there was no Jantar Mantar. Ultimately, she had to divorce her husband. She returned back to her parents in Delhi. From there, she again wrote a letter to her Kolkata friend about every thing of her life which she had recently passed away. Their friendship again grew up, but this time it was quite matured. They started thinking the life in different ways. Finally they decided to live together their remaining life and so planned to meet in Delhi after quite a few years of their departure.

The girl waited for her Kolkata friend for a long time, but he did not come to meet her. Instead of it, he sent one letter mentioning that his Priyo Bandhu could not be his life partner. He did not want to make any stain in their sacred friendship. Their friendship should be kept in that level where no body could destroy it for a single moment.

This is the story of a sacred friendship in a city like Kolkata. The whole concept is designed by Anjan Dutta.

If you still believe in friendship…..just go through it.

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