Corruption Vs Fad

11 Apr

I worked as a lecturer in a Junior Private College in Guwahati for only two months. And I think whatever I experienced in those two months might be the worst experiences in my Professional life. That college was named after a foundation which did some social activities to some extent. But the whole system was based on fake policies…that policies which really made people fool and did the highest corruption in their own way.

I heard about that college from many people since the so called Managing Director was the General Secretary of Cotton College once. But honestly I did not have any idea about the actual scenario of that college. As per the interview, I got selected and I joined there on due date. On the very first day, I was informed that there was a complete staff for all the subjects and they were sitting at the common room. I was sitting at the MD’s room and after some time I was ordered to take my first class. Accordingly, I took my first class…the first teaching class in my life. I found almost 20 students combining the Science, Arts and Commerce. That day, surprisingly I did not find a single teaching staff.

Next day, I saw that the interview was going on. It was for the English teacher. My colleague Poppy ba got appointed. Slowly the complete staff’s interview was done just in front of me and they arranged one sitting room at the library. Well we managed the system some how. From the very first day, every thing was totally fake. But I personally enjoyed my teaching. I made a good relation with the students also who later on insisted me to take the tuition for them.

But whomever I informed about my new job, every body suggested me to leave away that job immediately. Some of my victimised well wishers warned me to resign that job due to their bitter experiences in that college. I thought that whenever it would be necessary for me, I would immediately resign my job.

I got the first salary on the 10th day of that month. I was in the second month. Slowly we found all the fake activities of that college. Slowly the college authority also found me guilty for taking the private tuition which I started without their knowledge. I did not understand why should I inform them about my personal decision. I was about to resign the job, but unfortunately they informed my discontinuity of my job at the end of my second month. Accordingly I quit the job, but without the second month’s salary.

They assured me to send the salary in the third month. I was not hungry for that least salary, so almost forgot about it. My life was running at its full speed due to my research works without the second month’s salary. But suddenly after quite a few months, my ex-colleague Poppy ba came to tell me what they were suffering at that time. Whatever they got, the salary cheques from several months, all the cheques got bounced. But every time, the Managing authority managed the thing very tactfully. More over, the final year students did not get the admit cards till their exam, so they decided to case file in High court. The teaching staffs also accompanied them and finally they got notices from the High court also. Mean while the whole story was tele casted in a local TV news channel.

I did not know what was ultimately decided. But I was happy that they got a lesson for betraying people openly which was nothing but a public offence. But interestingly, after that incident also, the Managing authority walked in the midst of the crowd shamelessly.

When this type of people shouts against corruption, what will you say about them???

When this type of people lights candles in support of anti corruption, what will you say about that activity????

To remove the corruption from the society, we should first know the actual meaning of it….what do you say???


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2 responses to “Corruption Vs Fad

  1. Lipi B. Mahanta

    April 13, 2011 at 7:06 am

    Actually we must now have the guts and knowledge to protest about all corruption we face in our daily life. We must also have the assurance that people around us (some at least) will speak up at the same time. Nobody must take power as a ‘high’.


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