Chor Vs Shor

07 Apr

My friend came to Mumbai for an Industrial training in the last month. She called me many times before leaving to Mumbai for my necessary help she might require in Mumbai. I assured her to help my level best whenever she needed. Accordingly I arranged my schedule to be with her in those five days, especially to show her the important tourist spots in Mumbai. But she had a group here, so she simply kept calling me for the guidance regarding her shopping. I understand the meaning of a shopping for those who step in a Metro for the first time, especially in Mumbai. Since they all carried a very well to do status, I thought that they might be interested in something else which were not in their native places. So I suggested them to visit the High Street Phoenix (Lower Parel), Atria Millennium Mall (Worli), InOrbit Mall (Malad) and finally the Oberoi Mall (Goregaon). But instead of those, when she asked me about the BigBazar in Mulund, the irritation started rising in me. I told her the exact location of BigBazar and waited for her next call. Next day, she asked me about the Fashion Street. I informed her that Gateway of India and the Taj Hotel was nearby the Fashion street, so they could also visit those places. I also suggested her to come by the Bandra Worli sea link which became the most attractive place in Mumbai now. But they seemed to be interested in shopping rather than to visit the places.

From my point of view, when we go to a new city, we should experience the life of that city and should bring those stuffs which can not be found in our native places. Accordingly I suggested my friend to do so. If they want to purchase branded items, just go to those malls where they can purchase those costly branded items which they can not imagine at their places. If you are coming to Mumbai, enjoy the life here. Visit those places where you can find the ultimate pleasure. But when they started searching some thing in BigBazar, I started avoiding her.

My irritation went to its highest point, when she asked me about the CHOR bazar in Andheri. I had not heard about that market. So finally I left her with her friends without meeting her in Mumbai. From the very first day, she kept me as an option at her problem. I did not want to be stood by her side when she was surrounded by her friends who knew about Mumbai more than me. Lastly, I did not know whether she found the CHOR bazar or not in Andheri West. I knew one Chor bazar in Pune from where I bought one bag at the lowest price.

Yesterday, my junior told me about the Chor bazar. It’s not Chor bazar, it is SHOR bazar and it’s not in Andheri, but in Bycolla. My junior went there with the idea of the stolen goods. But there they came to know that it is Shor bazar for the noise over there. I could not stop laughing listening his experience over there and reminding the situation of my friend who wasted their time in Andheri West in searching of it. That’s why perhaps she did not call me after that day and did not ask anything regarding the markets in the next two days.

My junior suggested me to go some places which you know very well with the exact PRONUNCIATION!!!!!!

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