Bikaji bhujia and a fork

06 Apr

I visited my uncle’s home. My uncle is in ONGC, but my aunt is a house wife. But it seems that my aunt knows more than my uncle. My aunt gets every news of almost all the family inside the colony at home itself, without going outside. She is infact more interested in collecting news of their neighbours along with the colleagues of my uncle, with the help of the rotating BAI of the colony. My uncle is a straight forward and simple living person…not like my aunt who prefers to show something extra in her living standard.

Any way I visited them with my family members. After several hours gossip, aunt finally asked us to the dining table for the tea. She served us the tea with different snacks….that is one Gulab Jamun, two biscuits, two or three pieces Namkeen, some Mixture and some Bikaji bhujia with a fork. But every thing was in the same plate, given us separately. I could not understand which should be taken first and exactly for which reason the fork was given. If the fork was for the Gulab Jamun, then how could we take the Mixture or Bhujia and vice versa.

In such type of awkward moment, I waited for the other people to follow them….just like my friend Shantanu. Shantanu told me that when he first took an ice cream cone, he did not know how to eat that. He even did not know that the cone could be eaten. So instead of getting ashamed in front of his female friends, he simply waited for his turn. He noticed how his friends were eating the ice cream and tactfully followed them.

I also waited for the other people at the dining table. I noticed every one took the Gulab Jamun first by the fork. Ok fine…I also followed. Now after the Gulab Jamun??? I saw my mother took the biscuits. Since I never took biscuits, so there was no other chances left rather than to wait for the next. Suddenly I noticed that my uncle put the fork away from the plate and mix the two items…Mixture and the Bhujia together and took them in one attempt to his mouth. Later on, I realized that every body was so relaxed that they also did the same thing with the mixtures. Perhaps uncle got the uneasy situation due to the mixture and the fork, since nobody could say a single word due to aunt’s behavior. Every body had to adjust themselves with that atmosphere where aunt was there. That day, the situation became easy afterwards due to uncle only, otherwise no body could imagine the situation created by the fork.

Just imagine, Bikaji Bhujia with a fork!!!!!

My husband found quite uncomfortable with the chopstick which the Japanese used to take rice, while he was in Japan. He even brought some pairs of Japanese chopstick and showed me how they took them in between the fingers for taking the rice. But for their comfortable, the Japanese rice is a little bit sticky so that that could be taken easily. I tried a little, but could not take a single rice from my plate.

In Guwahati city, now it becomes a very good trend on the authentic Assamese foods. There is a famous Assamese restaurant, Kharika, at the Bora service, Bhangagarh. It is famous for the Assamese chef Atul Lahkar. There you will find every Authentic Assamese dishes from all the parts of Assam. Kharika is famous for the smoked dishes…different fishes and more specially for smoked pork. Every body goes there to have a fully Assamese cultured lunch or dinner. But if I will find there some body taking the dishes by a fork, I will simply feel sorry for them for not getting the actual taste of an Assamese dish.

If you can not use your hand for the typical Assamese dishes, then no body will be more unlucky than you in this world. Use your hand in Authentic Indian dishes, not in chowmein or any other Chinese dishes like the Japanese who will never leave their chopstick in taking their meal.

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  1. Darrell

    April 29, 2011 at 8:54 am

    totally agree with you.

    courtier en credit aussi Rachat de credit proprietaire


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