Lucky code

05 Apr

I am not a cricket lover…infact I am not so much interested in any game. I simply support my team when it is required. But in this World Cup tournament, I watched almost all the matches where India was playing. I even did not know with whom Sri Lanka was playing in the Semi final. When I came to know that Sri Lanka went for the World cup final, I asked my husband with whom they played at the semi final. He simply replied me, KENYA(!!!!). Initially I believed it…but later on I remembered that I have never heard about this team in the World cup. Finally he gave me all the necessary informations about the World Cup and forcefully asked me to watch the remaining matches. Actually he wanted to escape from the silliest questions I have often asked him…from the Indian politics to the James Bond movies.

Anyway, that match was India Vs Australia…the quarter final. We were watching the match. I generally liked to watch the celebrities in the audience rather than to watch the full length match. I noticed in every match where India played, Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani were present there. My husband showed me the shirt which Mukesh Ambani wore in most of the matches. I said my husband that it was his mistake to see the same shirt of a millionaire like him. He asked me to watch it in the next India match.

Surprisingly, while it was India Vs Pakistan match, I still noticed Mukesh Ambani in that same shirt. Now my husband became quite confident about whatever he informed me. I thought that that day, he might be busy, so came in the same shirt without his knowledge.

But it really had gone to the highest when Mukesh Ambani came in the same shirt in the final match also. Just like us, many people may notice his shirt, especially the media. The most richest person of our country has only one shirt….its not believable. May be his shirt is lucky for the Indian team, that’s why he never left his shirt in the whole tournament. May be for his shirt only, India won every match which he watched. May be he is the lucky charm of that shirt.

That day, I realized why he is one of the most richest persons in the world!!!!!!

Ambani with his Lucky shirt!!!

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