World Cup in Tezpur University

01 Apr

In my university life, our days went on following the mid terms, end terms, several class tests, lots of sudden tests and for my MCA friends its Monday tests. So whenever we got time, we did not leave it behind without enjoying it at its fullest enthusiasm. I personally did so. In an isolated campus life like Tezpur University, every body required the refreshment in different manners. Some fell in love several times, some made PROMISING never ending friendships and some enjoyed their lives by going once in a week to Flora, enjoying movies in Jonaki or Anwar or enjoying the sunsets at Agnigarh!!!!!

Among them, the University week matches carried their own importances. Some students got the chances to focus themselves by performing in those matches who became to be the most wanted and admiring person in the remaining time. Similar was also with the girls….those who could dance and sing nicely became to be the most awaited friend for every one….most of my friends became the heart throbs in the campus with their adorable postures….

When we were in the first semester, I could not understand the actual importance of a match…..either it was football or cricket or some other game. I simply thought that we had to cheer our players in the field and if they did not win the match, then what was wrong with them??? So I went to the field with my department seniors for that football match. I forgot against which department they were playing that day. But at the field, I was surprised to see the enthusiasm of the players and the supporters of the both side. We lose the match. But it was ok for me.

The final match was between MBA and MCA. MCA was the several times winner. But this time they were defeated by MBA. I did not watch the match…but I watched the excitement of the girls of our BCN hostel. They all returned back to the hostel after celebrating at the ground, shouting for TUMBA. I was so thrilled that that time I simply realized what was a VICTORY…what was the feelings of a WINNER!!!!!

Next year, we became the seniors. Now this is our time to talk to our juniors for the enthusiasm for a match, about the importance of a match winner. Accordingly we went to the final. Our final match was with MCA…last time looser of the football trophy. I did not understand why the Football matches got the highest importances in TU???

So we have to face the MCA team in the final. Every thing was well planed and prepared. I was enough to cheer my team at the football ground due to my loud and clear voice. So from the supporters side, it was well organised. Our players were also given the special care by every one from our department. Every body from our department did not hesitate to do anything in favor of our players. We had to win the match…that’s all.

In our excitement, we forgot how strong the opposite team was. We forgot the best of the best players of the then MCA team. Still we hoped for the best. In the first 10 minutes, the first goal was from our side. We were over confident that we would definitely win the match. But the MCA team would not leave us after being insulted within that short of period of time. More than, they had to recover their pain due to the loss in the last year with MBA. After that they did not look behind for a second. The whole team jumped in the battle so dangerously that ultimately they had taken away the trophy. Our boys tried their best but could not grab it from them. That day, we could not control our emotions…we felt the pain of a match looser.

I still remember all the scenarios of those matches. Still remember all the players who played very strongly for their departments.

Though it is the World cup time…still I can say that World cup can not take the places of our those excited matches…which can not be erased from our mind any how.

What do you say…my TU guys.


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6 responses to “World Cup in Tezpur University

  1. Pritam

    April 1, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Well written and I can already feel it as the conglumerance of all TU’ites.:-)

  2. afzalhussain

    April 4, 2011 at 6:28 am

    One small mistake. We never reached the finals before 2003 the year u guys joined TU. Most of the times before, MCA used to got out of the competition in the 1st round:-( We reached the semis in 2002, then reached the finals in 2003, and eventually won in 2004.

    However, I still remember one special moment of 2003, when we were defeated by the MBAs. Me and Ranjit were playing against each other. It was a very good match and after the match we together went for tea in our university canteen. Even after the match with your department in 2004, we partied in our hostel where everybody from your department participated and enjoyed. I still remember when a drunk jeevan (khaklari) came to me and told me that the foul he committed during the match was never intentional and I really believed him. That was the spirit of the game and I really miss those days and friends quite a lot.

  3. Utpalarya

    July 24, 2015 at 5:36 am

    Stuti Baa, I am much junior then you, joined TU MCA in 2011, by then the story of MCA football in TU was simply the story of Indian Hockey now!! Our seniors used to tell us these very stories to boost the morales of our players before matches. But the thrill was the same. I guess any account of TU is incomplete without the story of those football tournaments.
    Anyways thank you for taking me to a nostalgic ride into the best days of my life.


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