Cricket fever

31 Mar

I forgot exactly which tournament it was. I also forgot with which India was playing in that particular match. I simply remember that it was held at the Nehru stadium, Guwahati, almost 10 years back. It was between India and some country(??). People were quite excited at that time for that match. Every body was curious about Sachin Tendulkar. That time , I was studying in Cotton college. So the excitement of the college students were also on high….I noticed. My friends booked the stadium tickets more than 10 times of the original price. They merged almost two months of their pocket money. Still they managed some how to watch the match live. Not exactly the match, their enthusiasm was meant for Sachin only.

Any way, I saluted them for the preparation. I supported India for all the good deeds…it may be a game or some thing else. So watching that match live with my friends was quite expensive for me. I did not go with them, but helped them in all their activities. Their preparation in making the banners, making their faces colourful and collecting different snacks for them….I helped them in all those things.

Finally that day had arrived. All of my hostel friends got up early in the morning and got ready for the match. Though our hostel was not so far from the stadium, still they went several hours earlier than the match. But surprisingly, before their arrival, there was already a very long queue infront of the main gate of the stadium. Their tickets were not the VIP tickets, they were simply general gallery tickets where most of the crowd went for. Though they reached there before the start of the match, but they did not get the chance to watch the first few overs. Still they hoped to watch the remaining part of the match.

But unfortunately, that day was not for Indian team. They made a very small score and got out every one before the finish of their overs. The second half also started. But still my friends were in the queue. This time India was fielding. The opposite team took the golden opportunity of the weak Indian bowlers’ balls. They hit so badly that India lose the match. When my friends got the chance to take their expensive seats, then already the match was finished and India was defeated by the other team very badly. My friends could not even see the face of the Indian cricket players lively. The field was almost empty and the audience were also started leaving the stadium. But still some people continued to enter the stadium those were behind my friends. Some people could not understand whether it was the starting or the ending of the match.

Finally my friends returned hostel with the more frustrating faces than the Indian team. Later on they got the whole information about the match from those who watched it on TV peacefully!!!!!


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2 responses to “Cricket fever

  1. ritu

    March 31, 2011 at 6:29 am

    I think this was India New Zealand Match. Year 2000. I too was there and saw the whole NBD getting excited about it. I still remember fresh whole hostel running to Brahmaputra Ashoka to see the players including me ;)..Was happy to see Sachin,Saurav,Mangia and New Zealand players..Lucky that I never tried to get any ticket..hehe…


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