1st class mentality

30 Mar

I was on my way from Dadar. The train was almost empty, even the 2nd class ladies compartment also. At Andheri, some crowd came to my compartment. With them, I noticed one little boy also got in. When the train started, he also started singing with his instrument. I was quite surprised to see his instrument…it was nothing but two pieces of stones by which he tried to make some music. With that rhythm, he was singing. It was not irritating, atleast in an almost empty compartment. I was not listening his song, but I was noticing his perseverance. He set the stones in his fingers so nicely and systematically that I could not imagine that there could be some music with those stones.

With his voice, it could be guessed easily that he was badly hungry. It was noon time. So I decided to give him some coins, not for his melody, but for his attempt. But suddenly some lady shouted at him saying that it was a 1st class compartment. He should not be in a 1st class compartment. He was rather asked to get down from it and get in the 2nd class compartments. He still asked some thing to eat as he did not have any thing for the last few days.

But he was forcefully pushed from my compartment!!!!

I was confused whether the 1st class people do not have enough sympathy for the poor or they do not get hungry any time. That boy was not begging, he was trying some thing for his food rather than to steal the valuable stuffs from a Five Star hotel reception!!!

He bears the 1st class mentality, not the ladies who travel in the 1st class compartments.

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