Poor Indian, hungry Indian…

24 Mar

I was in the II AC bogie of Puri express, from New Delhi to Allahabad. It was in the month of December, last year. I was there to attend the International Conference on Mathematics of Date, held at Allahabad. In a II AC, there are 6 seats in each compartment. I was alone in my compartment with that family whose total number was 10. They were divided into two groups in two different compartments. Whenever there is a family with senior citizen, I feel a bit comfortable with them. With that group, there were two kids also…kids means one was of age 14 and another one was of 10 or 11…I guessed. I also guessed that they might stay in abroad due to their accent of talking.

My guess was proved to be right when the oldest one started talking with me…he infact started asking about my profession. Whenever some people ask about my profession, I understand that he/she may be from my field or may be interested in the research…otherwise I find most of the people who stop asking anything regarding my field. Anyway, when that gentleman started asking about my career planning, I guessed that he might be from my field. Surprisingly, he told me that he was the retired Professor from Delhi University and now he is one of the board members of the UGC selection board. Then only, I understood why he was asking me about my career from my Master degree onwards.

His younger brother was staying in different places of all over the world due to his profession and finally settled down in Canada. That day his younger brother came to India with his two grand sons, whom I guessed to be stayed over outside India. I came to know all the members of that family…infact the Professor introduced me with them. They were travelling to Fatehpur. In the whole journey, I simply noticed the two kids. Their grand parents and other family members were continuously taking their photographs in every moment…sleeping, talking, eating, playing etc etc. It seemed that their Indian grand parents wanted to capture every moment of their grand children who would fly away very far after some days. Who knows in their next visit, they would be alive there or not…

Those kids did not know Hindi…they spoke to every one in English…that English which was quite different to our Indian English. They took Burger, Pizza instead of Puri Sabji. More interestingly, their grand father showed them the Indian Poor people through the window. They also looked at them like the Zoo animals. Before Fatehpur, there are lots of Slum areas just beside the railway track. The two kids started clicking the Poor Indian people also as if they had seen some antique pieces of Indian culture. Their grand father told me that they could not imagine the picture of Indian society, the poor Indian people or the poverty that ruled most of the places in India.

I silently laughed at them. What could be expected from those kids for whom the Indian poverty was nothing but an item to be captured in their camera.

We can not do anything for our society until and unless we feel the problems….the poverty, the corruption, the system, the pain of the terrorism and everything.

In that journey, I simply recalled the Japanese tourist of the movie Munna Bhai MBBS, who was searching for the Poor Indians, Hungry Indians…..

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