23 Mar

I planned to apply for the course material from Brilliant Tutorial. I was about to appear the Part II exam of my degree course. Just after the exam, I planned to appear the MSc entrance exam of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. In my college days, I spent almost all the time with my friend Ritu. I shared almost all the secrets, all the career planning, my study material everything with her. So I decided to share my decision with her about the Brilliant tutorial course material. But surprisingly, when I asked her to apply it together, she replied that she had ALREADY applied it and infact she got the material also. I was so shocked about her decision. I did not imagine that she might take such a step without my knowledge. That was the first time to be being betrayed by some one.

After the completion of my UGC (University Grant Commission) fellowship for the PhD, I decided to apply the SRF (Senior Research Fellowship) of CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) for another two years. But this time also, I skipped the chance. I was not informed about the fellowship since I was in leave for some days at home. I did not have the internet connection at home, so I could not check it at CSIR’s site. But surprisingly my friends applied it within that period. After several days, I was informed that the dead line was already passed away. That day, for not being informed by my nearest friends hurt me more than the loss of that chance. My guide warned me that day not to share any thing regarding my research works with any of my friends and asked me to learn few lessons from my friends in my near future.

After being betrayed by my very near friends, I decided to apply the Woman Scientist post doct fellowship silently without informing any body about my plan. This time, every body was quite surprised about my decision as they knew me to be the empty stomach girl regarding my personal matters.

My grand mother told me that if you help some one, he may not help you in return, but there will be some one who will help you unexpectedly in your life. I personally follow this philosophy. And honestly, I often find some one in my trouble, whom I never get the chance to help in my life or some one steps forward to me in my distress unexpectedly.

In our research field, it is assumed that the guides may betray at any moment during the PhD course. But this time, I met one junior who is betraying his guide in his research works. He is playing such a double role in his career that I salute him for his brave decisions.

Some betrayal may create a good life…but some may cause a serious may destroy some body’s planned future also. So try to avoid betraying people. If possible, try to help others. Examine your capability by informing your friends about the same interview which you are about to appear in the coming days or the same examination you have to qualify to build your future.


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4 responses to “Betrayal

  1. Lipi

    March 23, 2011 at 7:01 am

    Very good and brave piece of writing. Use this medium like this….

  2. ritu

    March 31, 2011 at 6:43 am

    Real Good post. About the comment that we may not be able to help people who actually help us sometimes. In context to that I remember a quote from Paulo Coelho that helping others is like adding favours to a savings in favor bank and you get the return from it without knowing who actually is returning it. You invest your favour and you get it back through some one or the other.Not necessarily from the one you favoured. Way to go..really liked this post..


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