Sleeping pleasure

22 Mar

I was supposed to get down at Paltan bazar to book one ticket for my mother for the next day’s journey….Guwahati to Sonari. That day, I visited Gauhati University for the inquiry of the status of my PhD thesis. It is running 13 months of its submission. Still University people said me that it is under process and will take some more time for the viva. It is not that only my thesis is taking so much time for the whole process..some of my friends thesis is running 14 months, 16 months etc etc. Interestingly, in this University, some students got the PhD degree within 4-6 months also…we simply think that it is their luck and fortune to become a PhD holder within that short period of time. When I joined at IIT, Bombay after submitting my thesis, my friends were still working to finish their PhD works here. That time they said me to be the luckiest person who submitted the thesis and got the post doct fellowship parallely. Now after 13 months of my submission, they have finished their works, completed writing the thesis and even submitted it also. Now they are waiting for the degree which will be declared within this month or may be one month later. This time, I said them to be the luckiest person who will get the degree within just 3 months of submission.

Any way, I forgot to judge my luck and fortune…I let my life to its own way with its own flow…wherever it will carry me, I will move with it only….that’s all. Only thing is that I am simply preparing for the best things of my life and will get ready for the their taste.

After visiting Gauhati University campus, I got in the bus at University bus stand. I planned to get down at Paltan bazar. Guwahati city bus services sometimes become so horrible that bounds us to think that if we would start walking then we would be a little early to reach our destination. Unexpected horrible traffic jams are also there at when we are a bit hurry to reach. I have a very good sleeping habit…means wherever I want I can sleep for few minutes, which relaxes me also. That day also, due to the irritating bus journey, I started sleeping for some minutes and planned to be alert at Lakhtokiya, one stop before Paltan bazar.

Though I was sleeping, I was getting the outside sounds also. I got a bit irritating for the long stay of the bus at some bus stand. But when I opened my eyes I saw it was nothing but the Paltan bazar bus stand where I was supposed to get down. I did not know how that half an hour journey was completed. I was sleeping so deeply that I could not get the idea of that journey. I got down quickly from the bus and thanked silently the bus conductor for the unnecessary delay of the bus at Paltan Bazar bus stand. If I would continue enjoying my sudden sleeping, then I would have to return back to Paltan bazar after several bus stops.

Anyway, I have seen more people like me who like to sleep in a running bus or running train. In Mumbai Locals, people use to sleep in standing positions also. I don’t know how they manage the balance in a moving crowded train, where it is difficult to stand properly.

Those who get the taste of that sudden sleeping, they will understand what is the pleasure of sleeping. While we were travelling at night supers from Sonari to Guwahati at our college days, after Jagiroad, it came so deeply that we prayed for the delay of another hour to reach Guwahati.

I still remember that class at Tezpur university. It was Moon Moon madam’s Linear Algebra class where I was sleeping at the front bench. I got scolded so badly for not writing the important proofs of her class due to my sleeping. Later on when I checked my copy, I noticed that I was writing SOMETHING in that class, but could not understand what was that. But I listened clearly to madam’s voice, but my mind was some where else. I controlled two minds at that time…one was inside the class room and another was in my dreams where I listened Madam’s voice and wrote SOMETHING on my copy. That time, instead of being ashamed for being scolded, I wished if Madam would allow me to sleep for another half an hour!!!!!

Life is incomplete without dreams…so go and sleep peacefully.

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