16 Mar

My today’s local train journey again caught my eye something about the honesty. I have already explained the crowded Mumbai Locals in the morning time. Here people do not have much time to listen others, even if it is SORRY or THANK YOU. Any way, with the Mumbai people, slowly I have also started enjoying the train journey…it has its own charm. I quite enjoy the different attitudes of those people…Some of whose like to scold others for any excuses, some pretend to be very serious studying different novels, students use to study their text books, even the Mathematics problem books also (!!!), some pretend to be very high profiled person whereas some people start gossiping between them ignoring others disturbances…most of the gossips include the unfair things about their in laws and some private matters with their husbands which irritate some times very badly, specially at the return journey, after the day long hectic schedule. Still I have seen most of the ladies are busy with their mobiles, either by listening music or by talking with some one.

Today’s 7.22 am Churchgate train was also very crowded as usual. We got ready to get down at Andheri station. People started pushing behind us as the train started entering the platform. We some how got down from it. After getting down, things became more horrible outside than the inside. At outside, nobody should think for a second where to go, because of the rush he would be pushed automatically by the people to their destination. But still in that crowd, I noticed one girl running from the train to give the dupatta of that girl who left it inside the train due to the rush. She did not wait for a while for the THANK YOU from that dupatta girl because that girl had to get in that same train upto Churchgate. Since the train stops only for 28 seconds, she had not much time to wait for any body’s THANK YOU or SORRY. I appreciated that girl for the help in that crowded morning train also.

Suddenly one similar incident knocked my mind which was happened with a girl at Guwahati years back. She was from our nearer hostel. That day, she had a date with her boy friend. She went out in a top and a Wrapper. She was looking beautiful with that dress. At Shilpukhuri bus stand, her wrapper got stuck with a rickshaw and unfortunately it was torn by the nails of it. More horribly, the wrapper got removed from her body by that running rickshaw. Just imagine one young college girl with simply a top covering the upper part of her body. The situation became so pathetic at a public place that she could not understand what to do as her boy friend ran away immediately from that place after that accident. Her boy friend might run away from that place, but still humanity survived in this world. That came through another rickshaw wala who gave the girl his GAMUSA to cover her body. After arranging one auto by the people surrounded over there, the girl some how managed to reach her hostel. That incident changed her life and she learnt the lessons of life for being experienced by the so called relationships in her life.

I personally got the experience of these two similar incidents…one showed me the honesty in a very busy crowded life without any self profit and another showed me some pseudo feelings of our lives which did not matter any thing in saving our lives….we have to simply identify them.

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