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14 Mar

Last few days, I was at my previous research Institute…that is Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology (IASST), Guwahati. The main purpose of my visit was to discuss some thing about my on going research and to meet my friends and family who were in Guwahati. At my last day, I decided to leave IASST after the lunch time . IASST is located at the outskirt of the Guwahati city. The communication is very bad over there. Only one staff bus is running between IASST and Ganeshguri every day morning and evening. If we plan to come out from there at the mid day, we have to manage the vehicle ourselves. At my time, the security system was not tight enough…but this time I have seen quite a few changes which touched IASST at all. This time, if some body enters the main gate after 10 am, he/she has to sign on the entry book mentioning the reason of his/her delay at the security post of the main gate. Similar case is also for the early leaving from IASST. So people seemed to be worried enough when I asked them to drop me to the main road since IASST is 2 kilometer away from the main road.

Any way, from my time, there was a rickshaw wala who was taking the IASST people at the half day leave. We used to call him on his mobile number when we missed the bus and or had to take half day leave. His mobile number was saved in every body’s hand set and became the most important number at that time.

Anyway, that day also, I rang him several times, but his cell was switched off. I was about to walk the 2 kilometer distance, but that day, in Guwahati, it was heavily blowing dust every where. The weather became hazy due to the dust. So finally, my junior Porinita managed one auto for me which they used to travel from the IASST hostel. In accordance with them, he is trust worthy to travel with him for the boarders any time. When the auto wala was asked to come to IASST, he was on the road. He asked another 20 minutes. I came out from the campus and decided to wait for him at the main gate. But suddenly I noticed the rickshaw wala standing at the main gate. So instead of waiting for another 20 minutes, I decided to go in that rickshaw.

But on the way, I met the auto. since I have already came in that rickshaw, I asked the auto not to go to IASST, since myself was that person who called him. Before listening a single voice, the auto wala started scolding me about the fare…his question was who would pay the fare. I told him calmly that I would pay the whole amount and extremely sorry for my decision because of my hurry. The rickshaw wala argued with the auto wala how he would identify me if I did not ask him myself. The auto wala replied that he would charge Porinita for the whole situation and would demand her the complete fare. Then I said him politely that I agreed to pay the fare not only to show him my honesty, but also to keep the word of Porinita in front ofnhim, since the auto served them regularly at that lonely outskirt area. Rs. 40/- was not so important for me, but the belief of Porinita on me was more important on that occasion. I might not meet this girl again in my life, still I did not want to sketch my wrong picture in her mind.

The rickshaw wala still kept scolding me for that whole incident reminding me that honesty carried complete loss, nothing else. I simply smiled silently…..what to do….

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