That really touched me…

11 Mar

Yesterday, I met Kaushik da. Kaushik da means Kaushik Gogoi, my school senior. We belong to the same place Sonari. Now he is working in the Engineering cell, IIT, Guwahati. At my visit to his house, the first thing which was caught through my eyes was the 6 feet high big Japi. That was kept decoratively at the sitting room which really enriched the dignity of an Assamese family’s life style. That made me really proud of being an Assamese which has the highly prestigious cultural values. Anyway, Kaushik da was a very good artist at our time. So far I remember we lost our confidence when we saw him at the Art competition field. In his busy hectic schedule, he is still maintaining all his talents which also adds the sculpting and photography.

I returned back to my sister’s place with him. At my place, every one asked him about his mother. From my view point, I must admit that whatever the in born artistic talent he has, that’s only because of his mother.

At my childhood, my visit to their house still click my mind some time when I get ready to serve my guests at home. Kaushik da’s mother was the first lady whose dining table reception touched my heart and soul at my age of 8 or 9. I visited their house with my mother. That day, she decorated the dining table, placing all the necessary stuffs so well and attractively that the dining table placed its position at the heart and mind of a little child.

Till date, though I have visited different places and different hotels, restaurants, still I can not forget that dining table which touched my mind years back. In our life, we may meet thousands of different people, but among them we remember some of them only for different reasons. I remember this lady only for her decorative dining table.

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One response to “That really touched me…

  1. Kaushik Gogoi

    May 10, 2011 at 11:23 am

    i am really glad to see my name in ur blog.. thanks for your striking complements. Truly speaking i must praise ur father.Late Dulal Borgohain sir, who had inspired me to lift up myself in the field of Art and culture.

    My mom will be very pleased to here all these things



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