The sweet thief I have ever met in my life

10 Mar

I am coming to Guwahati only for 10 days to do some of my research works with my PhD guide. At this Institute, my university senior Rashmi ba is also working. She is doing her research works in the field of Bio Surfactant….a bit difficult for me to understand the meaning and to pronounce the term properly. Any way, in my simple language whatever I have understood her works is that she is preparing one type of washing powder just like our SURF to wash the waste crude oils which are thrown away after refining it. Using her SURF, the crude oils will never be wasted, 100% can be refined…she is working hard to complete her project and to get the PhD degree also.

Anyway, in between the hectic schedule, we know how to manage our times to gossip for a moment just to refresh our minds. In our gossipings, mostly the sweet memories of our university life get the highest importance. That day, due to some unknown sudden reference, we recalled the theft incidents of our hostel. I told her the incidents of our time….that is about the cute and sweet thief I have ever met in my life. She was very beautiful and cool and calm in nature. Infact she belonged to a very well to do family also. But unfortunately she stole the two big butter packets and the birthday cake from the refrigerator of our hostel which was in the dining hall. She was not caught red handed. But one of the butter packets was found in her boy friend’s room which he told every one to be gifted by her. Another packet was found on her table covered by several books.

Since those two butter packets were bought for the feast of that running mess, so people slowly forgot that. But when she stole the birthday cake from the freeze, that could not be forgiven any more. The cake was a gift for the birthday girl from her department mates. That was the highest job she had done in her hostel life…I think so. This time again she was caught through her boy friend as he gave the pieces of the cake to his hostel mates, which was informed to those victimized people.

For this reason, she was called as the BUTTER SURUNI (butter thief)…but she did not confess her guilty.

Time goes on…we also left the University one day. But some incidents never leave our mind. Those who were from the same hostel may recall it again after reading my blog. But I can definitely say that she was the most beautiful and sweet thief I have ever met in my life.

Stealing is one type of desease…I know it. I even know one incident where the wife had that desease. She liked to steal other’s goods at any moment, it might be her husband’s colleague, might be her relatives, might be her friends also. She enjoyed in stealing goods, especially from the shoping malls, though she was rich enough to purchase those things. Oneday, she went to a Saree stall, from where she purchased 5 sarees. But suddenly she stole one saree from the bundle which she thought that she was not caught red handed by any one in the stall. But just after entering the stall, the husband himself informed the stall manager about the nature of his wife without her knowledge and requested him not to catch her red handed for his prestige. He assured the manager to pay the total price of those sarees which his wife would steal. The wife got very excited in her achievement. She did not know that her achievment was paid totally at the cash counter by her husband.

This is one type of desease. Some people may get relaxed in stealing other’s goods. I think my sweet Butter Suruni also suffered from that desease in the university life. Wherever she is, may God bless her….

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    March 17, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    it seems quite trivial to expect


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