Things I have enjoyed…

09 Mar

In Guwahati, the ultimate thing I have enjoyed here is none other than the rickshaw service. Normally I prefer rickshaw rather than an auto rickshaw, in which you can enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. I am quite curious about the rickshaw walas who get the chances to share the different types of talkings, different moods of the passengers and some times different types of quarrels between the two passengers who get down at the mid of the destiny. Oneday, I trevelled in a rickshaw from the Zoo road Tiniali to the Christian Basti via the link road of Sundarpur with my sister. Since we were very HEALTHY (???) in size, we asked the rickshaw wala whether he could carry us or not on his rickshaw as he was very thin compared to us. It hurt the rickshaw wala’s ego and prestige. He drove the rickshaw so fast that in between we had to request him to be a bit slow. Then he replied us why we asked him whether he could carry us or not?? He replied us by his action not by the word!!!!

Not only for this reason, I like to travel in rickshaw in short distances. In Guwahati, city bus services also become some times a bit funny for the passengers. There is no rule for the city buses. They can stop the buses at any stopage and can wait at the bus stopages for the maximum time they want. There is no identity of the conductors and the bus drivers as there is no uniforms for them. Though there are two doors of the buses, still there is no rule for the passengers to enter and exit. One day, one boy started collecting the bus fares from the back door of the bus as nobody could recognise a bus conductor due to the uniform and he himself paid the bus fare to the original bus conductor who was in the front door and got down easily at the next stopage. Since there is no ticket system in the city bus services, so people could not blame any one for that incident. The ticket sysytem is there, but it is not so strict. One day I have seen one person who threw away the ticket just after taking it from the conductor. People are not conscious and worried about it because there is no traffic police who might check the tickets after getting down at the stopages.

Things are going casually, so both the party is maintaing them casually. In this case, no body can be blamed properly. The whole system is inter related.

Yesterday, while I was in a city bus travelling just from Ganeshguri to Christian Basti Post office, I have noticed one mid aged person who was standing improperly near by a Muslim lady who was with her mother. She could be recognized as she was in Burkha. I noticed that the lady got uneasy for that person whose motive was not good. I was surprised why the lady compromised with that person’s activity. Ultimately she told the person to take his turn to the gents side as she was getting disturbed by him. Suddenly the person told the conductor loudly that he himself got disturbed by her. The situation twisted just infront of me. But surprisingly the lady did not protest by a single word. Instead of it, the person started shouting that Muslims should be IMANDAR(trust worthy) etc etc and surprisingly no body opened their mouth.

In the mean time, my destination arrived and I got down. That was quite surprising for me. If I were that Muslim lady, I ended the whole episode by a strong slap on that person’s face, without waiting any body’s support. If we sprinkle water at the root of the whole system, then one day we would have to digest and compromise it to its highest extent….

These things I don’t enjoy here, believe me.

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