If this continues…

07 Mar

I am landing in Guwahati after quite a few months. After getting shifted to Mumbai, I have come to my homeland for the first time. So things became quite changed in my eyes. First of all, I got the chance to start my journey from the Guwahati air port through a new road, which is via the SOS village and Miles Bronson School. The road is well constructed. Along with new constructions of the roads and the other buildings, I notice the deforestation in the whole Guwahati city, especially on the way to the airport just to broaden the road. Assam is a land of forest, more appropriately people say that it is a land of wild life….we people have to answer it out side our state. The non Assamese Indian people have the concept of our home land that way. But instead of forest, I have seen here concretes every where. The least trees and plants are surviving here for the minimum period, because no body knows when they will be deforested for the constructions.

Constructions can be done without deforesting also…specially the road constructions. In Mumbai I have seen the trees on the roads. It is managed in such a way that the tree becomes the beauty of the road. The road is broadening by the side of the tree without deforesting it. The road traffic is also managed in that way that people never face any problems due to the trees. More specifically we can say that these trees enlighten the beauty of the road so that people feel happy in driving their vehicles and walking on the foot paths by the sides of the road. In Bangaluroo also, you will find the greenery every where, whereas this city has no river, no lake. The whole water system is supplied from the nearer cities by which the greenery is maintained every where inside the city. That’s why the environment is cool and suitable for every season throughout the year. In those places, it is very difficult to be grown up for a tree. Most probably that’s why the local people are also very much conscious about the forestation of their places. But in my home land, we can say that the weather is meant for the forestation only. Here every plant takes the minimum period to be grown up due the heavy rains in all seasons. Perhaps for this reason, people take forestation casually and do not hesitate to deforest them.

But if this habit continues, then one day we people will be dying to touch a tree or its leaves in my home land. May we never face this situation in our life time, I simply pray to God.

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