Strictly vegetarian

25 Feb

In between the CMFT workshop at IASST, Guwahati, one day we arranged one trip on the Jolpori, the floating restaurant on our very own Brahmaputra river. Since the workshop passed already three four days, we could recognize the faces of the participants very nicely, especially those who were vegetarian. At the workshop, we had to manage the vegetarian and non vegetarain items for the participants, so it was our duty to know the actual number of people who took the vegetarian foods. According to that, we arranged the packet lunches for that trip.

But surprisingly, the vegetarian packets were finished quickly and some people missed the packets. We were quite surprised for that, because we counted the packets personally and there should not be any mistake. Then suddenly I noticed one participant who took non vegetarian on the previous day lunch, but took the vegetarian packet on that lunch. I asked her whether she was vegetarian or non vegetarian…she told that she was non vegetarian but she wanted to take the vegetarian food on that ship journey. But after the distribution, those who were actually vegetarian did not get any packet, because they could not take the remaining non vegetarian packets. We again ordered for those people. But this time I asked every one whether they were strictly vegetarian or not.

Every body started laughing at my question, but for me it was a valid question. Those who never take non vegetarian foods, they are strictly vegetarian. But those who take vegetarian dishes due to some reason on that particular day, they are not strictly vegetarian. They can relax their habit for some time. Some people start the vegetarian foods after quitting the non vegetarian items. They are not strictly vegetarian. But some people even do not know the taste of the meat, fish or eggs, they are strictly vegetarian. But among the vegetarian people, I know some people who never hesitate to take cake which are made of eggs. Interestingly some people do not take eggs as non vegetarian item.

I personally know one family who never take the onion and garlic also as they place them as the non vegetarian items. For me, it is quite controversial to recognize the vegetarian and non vegetarian items….

I am a non vegetarian, but not strictly….since sometimes I skip the non vegetarian foods also.

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