Ping pong ball

23 Feb

Have you ever seen the advertisement of Fevicol, where every body was very much curious about the last words of their father who was counting the last breaths of his life??? When he gave the WILL to his sons mentioning the amount of his property, then suddenly one water drop fell down from the ceiling and the first digit of that amount got erased and unfortunately he expired at that moment. The amount for which all his sons kept waiting was remained only the zeroes!!!

Just like that, one ping pong ball incident was also happened….the boy always asked his parents only the ping pong ball from his child hood. His parents were quite worried about his demand. Whatever he wished or demanded from his parents was nothing but a ping pong ball. One day, the boy got heavily injured by an accident. His chances were least to recover his life. At that moment also, he simply asked his parents a ping pong ball. They finally decided to ask him the exact reason for his ping pong ball. But unfortunately the boy passed away without the answer. His parents never knew the actual fact of his ping pong ball.

My friend faced a very interesting and funny incidents herself. She was traveling in a bus at a short distance. But she did not have much money at that moment except one hundred rupee note. She even did not find a single coin in her bag. Whatever she had to pay the conductor against the fare, she must give the one and only one hundred rupee note. She did not find anybody familiar in the bus also. When the bus conductor stepped forward to her, she became ready for the payment of the bus fare. But unfortunately, suddenly the note flew away from her hand due to the heavy wind in a fast running bus. She started shouting to stop the bus, but already the bus had crossed almost a kilometer. It was impossible to find the hundred rupee note flown from a fast running bus…but she had nothing to pay the bus fare. She tried to convince the conductor about her situation and finally after a long argument the conductor was bound to believe her. That day, she reached home without a single coin.

That time, she got very much tensed for her situation, but later on that became a funny incident for her life. She made a habit to check her wallet properly before leaving home.

Have you ever faced such type of situations????

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