Kaziranga Vs Manash

22 Feb

Last few weeks back, the great elephant festival was held nicely at the Kaziranga National park. While we were in Tezpur university, we also planned to attend that big festival once where hundreds of elephants participate in that festival. But due to some problem, we missed the trip and now I personally regret for it because of the least chances to attend that festival any more after residing in Mumbai. Now a days, I badly miss all those which I neglected at my stay over my state. From my child hood, I generally prefer jeans and T-shirts…I rarely put on any salwar and mekhela chador or other female clothes. The ultimate thing I neglected was the ornaments. I never put on any ear rings, bangles or other designable ornaments which can be used all the time.

But in Mumbai, I missed those things. Here I am getting bored of Jeans and Kurta…I personally miss our mekhela chador and Assamese ornaments which I can not wear in Mumbai daily. Last week, I got the chance to wear my favorite mekhela chador at our freind’s son’s Annaprashan….I was so happy for the mekhela chador and the least gold ornaments I put on on that day.

Yesterday, when we were watching the TV show Sampurna at News Live, we missed all the Assamese ornaments shown by the designer at the show. I personally feel very proud of our Assamese people who stepped forward to focus our very own precious and prestigious Assamese jewellery and dresses. Any way I am always looking forward for the chances where I can be in my favorite mekhela chador and Assamese traditional jewellery which I never put on before.

Just like those, I am missing the elephant festival at Kaziranga which is held every year in the month of January February. Assam has two National parks…Kaziranga and Manash. But Manash is going to the way of death slowly whereas Kaziranga becomes more popular day by day. Its only because of the local people who are very much conscious about the State’s pride and the way of their living. They realize the best reason of living their lives. They never allow any strangers in their locality who lands for the unfair reasons. The Kaziranga people are very much concerned for the reception of the tourists whom they help their level best.

But the opposite atmosphere is continued in Manash for which it is going to be removed from the people’s mind slowly. In the whole Kaziaranga locality, you will never find any place where you can hunt the animals. But in Manash, you can eat the deer meat openly, which is served by none other than the local people.

My friend was in Diphlu river lodge for almost 5 years, which was under the Assam Bengal Navigation, a sister concern of Jungle travels. It runs two lodges…Diphlu river lodge and Manash Bahbari lodge. She had the great experience to travel the whole Brahmaputra, from Shadiya to Dhubri. Before the Diphlu river lodge, she was in Sukafa, a great ship on our Brahmaputra under the Indo British Joint venture. I personally visited the was an amazing experience for me, where I got the chance to visit all the corners of the ship and take the 5 star facility services. The 99.99 % of the passengers were the foreigners who could get the taste of the 14 days long journey on the Brahmaputra from Goalpara to Nimatighat!!!!

Both of the two projects are conducted by the foreign people. They are getting the great experiences of our very own Brahmaputra river as the passengers. Whereas most of the Assamese people do not know about those big projects which has been running successfully for many years at our place.

I can simply say…Just experience them….

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