Artificial dimple

18 Feb

Most of the film stars often RENOVATE(??) their faces and bodies by the plastic surgeries…we are informed that way whenever we switch on the TV and watch the Zoom channel and other entertainment channels. Not only the film stars, people who are very much conscious about their beauty and health, like to follow the cosmetic surgeries. Recently, Saif Ali Khan and Koena Mitra came to the controversy when Saif commented on a TV show “Coffee with Karan” about Koena’s plastic surgery to be the worst one he had ever seen in his life. Anyway, these things are the daily routines for them to get attracted by the media and the people like me who get relaxed on watching such type of TV shows after a hectic day long routine regularly.

My husband often commented me that those film stars are still surviving in this world only because of the people like me who watch daily those shows carrying the news about them. Our choices are completely different. I prefer to watch the Saas Bahu serials like Pabitra Rishta, Mukti Bandhan, Dance shows like Zhalak Dikhla Zaa, Dance India Dance and almost all the programmes of News Live and DY365. My husband rarely gets the chances to watch the TV on his own style. His styles are a it different from me…..horror show, the hollywood movies, james bond, sports channels, discovery channels, animal planets etc etc which I can’t digest any more.

Recently my friend gave a statement about marriage….”marriage is nothing but one type of compromise”….we are compromising with the TV shows!!!!

People can change the whole body structure by the cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery can even change the smiles also. But can it make an artificial dimple on your cheeks????

My friend has a very appreciating dimple on her right cheek. She looks more cute and sweet with her one sided dimple. Infact this dimple is her identity symbol. But you will be surprised to know that her dimple was totally artificial. It was not from her birth. She got that dimple after an accident while she was a little kid. On that day, she fell down from the chair and her cheeks got badly injured by the nails of the chair. But this accident brought her a good symbol….her dimple on her right cheek. She got a very cute and sweet dimpled smile without any cosmetic surgery, without any beauty consciousness.

God has made our face at his own choice….so let it be….if He feels it to be renovated He will do it Himself….what do you think???


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4 responses to “Artificial dimple

  1. katie

    March 3, 2011 at 1:27 am

    yeah nice

  2. Smritimala

    April 23, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    It’s about me na!!! Thanks dear….

  3. smritimala

    April 24, 2011 at 5:35 am

    Agotei porhisilu…..comment he dia nasilu….kali akou porhilu so comment dibor mon gol….


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