Its really frustrating…

14 Feb

My room mate in BCN girls hostel of Tezpur University was from Bihaguri, the road side area of the Guwahati Mangaldoi Tezpur national highway. Her residence was just on the side of the road, which could be seen from the running buses also. Bihaguri is a few kilometers away from Tezpur town.

I visited her place during my university life. I stayed over night at her place also. But unfortunately, during my stay, I had a very bad loose motion….I did not know the cause for it. I simply suffered badly from it, specially it became very frustrating when I found the toilet far away from the main house. That made me very weak and finally I gained the fever also. After doing up and down throughout the whole day, I took bed lastly. I could not eat anything since I did not take any medicine till night. I was a bit surprised why my room mate and her family members did not offer me any medicine. I could not understand the actual fact…whatever be the reason, I simply needed a medicine that time highly.

After the dinner time, ultimately they offered me some medicines. I was shocked to see the medicines wrapped with news papers. The medicines were loose medicines, they were not packed in a medicine file. I was bound to take them due to my health. Finally I took them in the name of God. But I did not get cured after that also.

Next day, I some how left their home and reached hostel finally where I took proper medicines to recover my health.

I did not imagine that type of situation at a road side place like Bihaguri where there was not a single pharmacy in the whole area. If I would have not left the place the very next day, I would have died definitely. That day, I realized that the development of an area depends on the development of the whole atmosphere. It is not sufficient to be good in road communication for the development of an area, there must be the development from all subjects concerned with that place. At my room mate’s place, you can get in the buses stepping only few steps from home, but that place was not at all developed from other sides.

Later on, when our Health Minister of Assam announced a medical college at Tezpur whose construction is going on, I personally felt very happy for it because this medical college is being constructed at the Bihaguri area. Bihaguri people really require a medical college at their place where there was no pharmacy at my visit.

I personally feel so…

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