Miss Mischievous

11 Feb

I got the Miss Mischievous award at our farewell of my university life. I was quite deserving for it, though some people got confused about the attitude I was carrying all the time. So far I knew, most of the people enjoyed those activities which I did behind the screen. Personally I enjoyed each and every moment of the football and cricket matches during our University week. Interestingly I was recalled by my husband when our friend gave the references of those loud comments on the play ground. Later on he also told me that so far he remembered me in the campus was only due to the comments I constantly passed to my friends who were playing very seriously for their departments. Any way I enjoyed my days a lot in my university life, for which when I was announced for that Mischievous award, I was not surprised at all. That time also, I shouted one of my friends name for that award, but Mayuri ( Cultural Studies) and Nava (Mass Com.) cleared my confusion who were on the stage anchoring the event.

But one day, we really made some one’s planning a flop show. She was a very good singer, though most of the singers in our cultural programs were just trying to sing and entertain the whole atmosphere. Since every body started dancing with those songs, so they could not be judged properly by any one at that time. If some of you got the opportunity to listen the songs, then I think it should not be told frankly!!!!! Whatever be the songs, the scales or the musical bits, we enjoyed them dancing on the floor!!!! I still remember, at one event we started dancing bihu at an english number sung by one of our seniors…her song was at that bit that no dance was suited for it, except the bihu.

Anyway, our friend was a good singer…I listened her songs properly since one night I did not dance from the starting. so I got the opportunity to listen her. At that event he planned some thing special for her turn. She was sitting with us, suddenly her name was announced. The musical band also started their music, but she did not get up for singing. We got surprised at her attitude. Her name was continuously announced and the music was also going on. But she was still sitting with us….what could be the matter???

We started calling her..”heii…your name is announced, why don’t you go to the stage to perform your program.”……..At our loud voice, every body started looking at her. Ultimately she went to the stage in between the music, but with an angry face. We did not get the point, why she got angry. Whatever we did was to remind her for the show only…thats all. For me there was nothing serious about it. But still she performed very well.

Later on, we came to the actual point. She was planning to start her singing from the audience. That why she was sitting with us after the music got started. But due to our constant calling, she had to cancel her planning and started singing on the stage itself. Frankly speaking we did not really know her plan and even did not get any idea of it also. Whatever we did that was really without our knowledge….but still our friend missed the chance to produce herself in a different way.

There were lots of such activities which we enjoyed later on recalling them at some lonely moments. Though we ill faded some one’s plan, but some people got the golden chances in different ways due to our pranks or mischievous activities. I still remember, one couple’s love story got started due to the comments we passed during the foot ball matches.

I assume, so far I am remembered by my friends, thats only for my mischievous activities during my university life…….is it so???

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