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10 Feb

Last Tuesday, it was Saraswati Puja…..undoubtedly I missed it a lot, though I have attended the function organized for this great occasion at the IIT campus. It was arranged very nicely, every thing was well managed, the Puja, the Pushpanjali, the prasad, the bhog…every thing was maintained very nicely and smoothly. Even at the time of prasad distribution also, there was no chaos at all which must be expected highly at any gathering for the foods only.

But still I missed something…I missed the charm of the Pujas at our college and University lives. At my college time, I had noticed this event to be the highest awaiting event in my life. The preparation for the event, not only for the reception and other decorations of the puja mandap, but also the preparation for self was also highly amazing at my time. Most of my college mates used to plan different programs for the day while some of them did not get the chance to visit the nearest college campus due to the engagement of the reception of the puja. Sometimes the puja seemed to be their personal event so that they had to be busy with the reception all over the day. Their friends and seniors never tried to think of them, they simply roamed the different puja mandaps in the entire city.

Any way, there was still a charm of those events on those days. In my university life also, we enjoyed a bit for that event, though some of the departments avoided to co operate it. In my university life, the other events got the highest importance rather than this Saraswati puja….those are the functions of university week, freshmen social etc. Some people were very much interested in arranging those events. They really did good jobs in making them a grand success….frankly speaking arranging a social event is not an easy task. We appreciated those friends who worked day and night for making them success without their personal benefit….it is defined to be the social service.

But if you step forward for those events for personal benefits…then????

I generally encouraged my class mates for those events which could not be done by every body. To do the social services we should be perfectly deserving for them with some qualities, which may not be in our friends. We are not forced to do any social service for which our personal life gets hampered or we are suffered from other stuffs. It should come freely from our mind and soul to step forward to those activities. But when I faced one incident at my university life regarding this sort of social services, my total impression got changed.

So far I remember, it was the time of an event to be arranged very shortly at that time. It was very genuine that some of our friends got chances regularly for those activities only for those good qualities I have mentioned above. They always stepped forward to do those jobs. We assumed that they might be happy in arranging those events for which they themselves involved all those activities. We supported them to that extend in which they required us. But one day, there was an urgent meeting called after the dinner regarding some matter. We thought that there might be something which would be distributed among the hostel boarders. But at that meeting, we came to know that our friend’s project report was accidentally deleted from her lab computer for which she started scolding all the hostel boarders for not co operating the event. Since she was involved with the event so she could not make it twice.

I personally felt embarrassed for it….my point was that which was important for my friend…her project report in which her life was involved or the university event for which there were still hundreds of people working for it. She was not forced to work for that event and that event could be successfully completed without her support also. Whatever she was doing for that event that should not be connected with her personal life….if she was disturbed with her personal life just leave it behind.

That day, I got a bit puzzled about the social services….should social services be mixed with the personal life???? Should your colleagues be blamed or scolded for the loss of your personal belongings due to the social services???

What do you think?????


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2 responses to “Social service

  1. achyot

    February 10, 2011 at 8:21 am

    “…frankly speaking arranging a social event is not an easy task.”

    well said ..


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